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Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Anham Mahna

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Hi all!

So, yesterday, i had my first Whole30 fail. After Taekwondo, i was invited--for the first time!--to socialize with a group after class! I was so excited! As the newbie, I've been sort of hiding in the wings, but this was fun!

The only bad thing about it: they went out for pizza and beer. And i felt like i had to eat something... So i had a glass of beer (probably Bud Light) and a slice of pizza (the worst pizza i ithink ive ever had).

I expected to feel horribly for the rest of the day, but nothing happened really. No bloating, no gas, no intestinal issues.

Until i got hom and was undressing, when i realized my armpit seemed to be sticking out...! Sure enough, my lymph nodes under my right arm were swollen. The ones under my left arm are too, but less pronounced.

Im not sure if theres a correllation or what. Im calling my doctor tomorrow, but i thought id ask here if anyone else has encountered this. I did search on it and saw that a few have... What do you guys think?

Ugh. So worried it could be something really bad.

Stupid pizza.

On the plus side, socially, i ended up inviting two new friends over for dinner, and we talked Whole30 over my spaghetti squash and homemade sauce! So now ill feel comfortable saying no. Im just kicking myself.

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I agree on checking with your doc...

I had a sudden swollen lymph node (or two) on the back of my neck a few months ago, the DAY after eating a piece of cake I made (with lots of flour), when I hadn't had anything with gluten in several months. I'm convinced it was because of the gluten; I went to the doctor just to be sure (after about a week of the swollen lymph nodes). I told her I was convinced it was because of gluten, she wasn't sure but couldn't really offer an explanation except that the lymph nodes can remain swollen for a few weeks after an infection/cold/etc. (I hadn't had a cold or infection or anything, still convinced it was the gluten!)

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