Pre Made Paleo?


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Hey all!

I just stumbled upon this website and have been searching for the past 3 hours the paleo lifestyle and all. I work 4 jobs (property management, property supervisor, group fitness instructor, and gym staff) and go to school (18 credits).

I find myself rather busy during the week and saw is an affiliate or approved by Whole9.

My question is has anyone ever tried this out? What were your experiences with it?

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I tried it, they had a special I think it was like $157? Anyways, I totally hate to say this but...I didn't like them. At all. I actually threw away most of them. That being said, I understand how crazy busy you are and it MIGHT be something that would work for you, I would say try it, your taste might be different than mine. I know other people like them. It's easier for me to just double or triple a recipe and freeze it - my favorite is soup, easy to make/freeze and then I can add meat after it defrosts and I heat it up.

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