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Not Hungry??


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Hi all

Just wondering if you can help me out. This might not be the place to put it but I'm unsure where to put it. :)

I've noticed in the past couple of days that I've not been hungry. I can eat, but I also dont mind if I miss a meal. I've tried to eat whatever I feel like thats in the fridge so its something but its often been some fruit, a small piece of meat or an egg and some nuts. Very light foods.

Today while I ate a bit more I'm still not necessarily ravenous.

Has anyone else encountered this? I am currently ovulating and that could be also what it is but I dont know if the hormones surrounding that part of the menstural cycle would inhibit hunger when not being blocked by sugars?

Any help is appreciated, I'm a bit worried about under-eating and then shocking my body into 'starvation mode'. Definitely not what I want.

thanks so much


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This is normal according to ISWF in the initial stages of your Whole30, while your body is adjusting to the different energy sources it's now getting. Don't worry about it, but try to stick to the meal template and I'm sure you'll be feeling peckish again soon :)

I don't think it has anything to do with hormones being blocked by sugars. Your blood glucose levels are maintained within a pretty tight range regardless of how much carbohydrate/sugar you eat so I don't think hormones would be affected in this way. Don't stress, I doubt the feeling will last for more than a few days, just ride it out :)

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