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Completed my first whole30!!!!!!!


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Wow, i did not think i would make it!!!! Here is my log if you would like to read about my journey:


So what happened after 30 days??

Well, I lost a little over 5 pounds (went from 134.4 lbs to 129.2 lbs). Not as much as I was hoping for but looking back at my log there are some things i should've and will tweak (less fruit and nuts, less snacking). Also, i only started exercising about 1/2 way into the challenge.

My focus/energy is amazing, especially when i get enough sleep. And these past few days i've been needing less sleep, waking up early, and feeling good!!

My stomach did some weird things about 26 days in (diarrhea) and now today i'm on my 3rd day of constipation (hello, prunes!)

I cooked so much and enjoyed every moment of it!!! I bought a slow cooker, used my food processor...it feels SO GOOD to know exactly what you're eating.

I lost a bit of a social life. hanging out w/ drunk folks when you are sober is awfully annoying.

What happens next??

well i still want to lose about 5 more pounds so my plan for the next 30 days is to stick to paleo/whole30 BUT i'm adding back in yogurt (full fat organic) and red wine. weird i know, but you have NO idea how much i have missed those two things. i'm going on vacation to texas in the next month so we'll see what challenges that brings me (can you say tex-mex and kolaches?!) i'll be keeping a post30 log as well.


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