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Bonnynancy's official W30 results


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This morning I had my first visit to the doctor since completing my W30 on January 31. These were my results:

  • According to the doctor's scale, I am down 14 pounds, not the 12 I have been bragging about!
  • My blood pressure is well under control. We chatted a bit about my desire to lose my BP meds entirely. (My dosage had already been cut in half last year prior to my W30 adventure, so it was good to show that it is still under control.) The answer was "let's see," which is a lot better than "no way!"
  • My HDL rose from 29 to 42. My LDL is also higher, but my total cholesterol is still within the desirable range.
  • My triglycerides are below "normal" of 150 at 82.
  • Unfortunately they did not test my A1C, as I am not diabetic, but I have asked them to include it the next time.
  • The bit of right side pain I have been noticing is due to minor inflammation in my SI joint, which is common for my age and nothing to worry about. My doctor showed me some stretches to open up the joint. (The same stretches we did in my yoga class yesterday!)
  • All else is well.

In all, a very pleasing visit with the doctor. I am smiling... and thinking about doing another W30 soon!

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