Your brain on food!

Gayle Millett

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Day one, I have just begun. Read the chapter last night from it starts with food, on how the food we eat tricks the brain. I have been doing FEB FAST, no alcohol for FEB, good right, but found myself eating a bowl of ice cream and chocolates instead. Now I understand why. It is the sugar cravings. Also now thinking why I seem to drink three zero cokes a day. Can't wait to get all these chemicals and additives out of my system.

I have a few friends (too many) living with cancer at the moment and desire to give myself the best possible optimal outcomes with my own health. I will find this very hard"""

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Hi Gayle!

I am just starting my Whole 30 as well and while I have gone off of sugar and artificial sweeteners before, it is still SO hard to stop once it is a habit. Once our bodies are cleaned of all the chemicals and our blood sugar isn't having crazy ups and downs we won't want to eat anything but real food :)

We can do it!!

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