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New to this! Pasta??


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Hey I just started this today and I have been looking, but is it okay to eat pasta? If so what kind?? Thanks so much!!

Mindy: you should dig into some of the info the site provides. Or get It StartsvWith Food. There are very specifc guidelines on allowed foods and other important aspects of the plan. I would also recommend the subscription to the daily email.... Super informative.

Some pasta alternatives for you are:




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Most of the wisdom of the forum can be found distilled in one place... the Whole30 guidelines: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5-the-official-whole30%C2%AE-program/

The official guidelines answer every major question and many minor ones, but sometimes you need to read them three or four times before a lot of it sinks in. I made some mistakes when I did my first Whole30 because I skimmed the guidelines for the overall idea and did not notice some of the details.

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