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Day 1 redo 2/18/2013


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Today was supposed to be the official start to my first w30-was that a big error on my part. I forgot to factor in an 8 hr drive home from spending the weekend with my family. All along the way home at every gas station and rest stop I got a snack. I couldnt help myself. It started with me snacking on plantain chips when i woke up this morning. I wasnt sure if this was compliant, so instead of stopping myself right there I just said "oh well" since I probably messed up I might as well continue to do so since I will not have any chance to eat the right foods at all today.

I came home and went to the grocery store. I just picked up a bunch of vegetables and ground meats and some fruit. I hope I can throw some meals together for the week. Im all for structure and I feel helpless.

Maybe, I should have waited until I bought the book to begin this change. I have no idea what to prepare-not much of a cook-and I have a 2 yr old at home. I prefer meals that can be made in large quantities ahead of time and seperated for daily eating, otherwise I would be tempted to go get fast food for lunch and devour the snack bar at the office :/ . I seriously need some willpower.

Aside from a bad day today , I really look forward to this lifestyle change and my new Day 1 :) 2/19/2013

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Welcome to your official Day 1 :) If you haven't got the book yet, have you downloaded the free material at


it can really help, shopping lists, meal planning templates etc. If you have a look round these forums you'll find lots of recipies and hints on cooking ahead of time. There's also a great post here


which gives lots of tips to get you started. Good luck and don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have.

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