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Day 4 and constipated


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Greetings! I am happy to report I made it to day 4 and I completely gave up weighing and measuring my food. This is a huge deal since I have weighed and measured my food for over 8 years. It is liberating and frexciting at the same time! I do feel like I have loads of energy especially in the morning and throughout the day. I love how I feel so far, all except I am constipated and on top of that I am on my period and put them both together and I am bloated and uncomfortable in that regard. Thankfully I am in good spirits in spite of these 2 pains in the butts. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

Blessings, J

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I am on day 3 of my second attempt (18 days last time before an unintentional slip). Before whole 30 I was eating mostly whole foods, no gluten but still having raw honey, alcohol and rice. Even so, I had regular bowell movements everyday. Rice was super irritating to me though and I was bloated and gassy a lot. After starting my last whole30 I stopped pooping every morning as usual and remember reading something (on here, in the emails or book I can't remember) about getting gastrointestinal distress due to shedding the thick mucous lining that the intestines had developed as a way to protect itself from offending foods- so once the offenders are gone, the mucous lining goes. Now, I'm no expert but mucous sounds STICKY to me and hard to pass. I started doing a nightly warm filtered water enema (about 2 quarts in a gravity fed enema bag) and have been feeling much better and lighter. I know I won't have to keep doing the enemas forever but right now I am detoxing so it seems justified. Of course there are varying opinions on this matter all over the Internet but for myself it is helping me a great deal. I also still take melatonin to sleep earlier too and know that once my nutrient deficiencies are righted I won't need that either. I also take the natural calm as others recommend but the lower dose.

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