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I'm on day 18 and I'm not sure I have a handle on all this yet. Sometimes it takes me awhile to catch on.

OK, here's the deal, I just finished dinner and I'm still hungry. I think I have followed the plan to the T. And, I think I almost eat larger portions than I should.

B - Three egg scrambler with spinach, tomato, mushroom and onions. Coffee with coconut milk/or oil.

L - Large spinach salad with grilled chicken, 1/2 avocado, tomato, onion and mushroom. I have been making my own dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and djion mustard.

D - Most of the time, same as lunch. However, I just started making a beef roast with sweet potatoes for dinner.

S - Handful of walnuts

I did finally start power walking last week after not working out the first 10 days or so on this program. After my 45 minute walk/light jogging, for 3 1/2 miles, I started eating a little of the pot roast after the workout.

After reading the exercise portion of this site, I wonder if I can call my power walk a workout, since everyone seems to be doing so much more?

Why am I still hungry when all I feel I'm doing is cooking, eating, doing dishes, repeat?

Thanks for any insight.



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Hey Peggy,

if you're still hungry after dinner, just increase your meal sizes the next day to see how that affected them. It really is going to be trial and error for a while.

I personally find that salads just don't hold me, even with all that good stuff in them. (maybe do a full avocado instead of the half?) I'm definitely a meat and sauteed veggies and/or sweet potatoes kind of girl. Try out some new recipes that make the protein choice shine, rather than having it get lost in a bed of greens (not that we don't like greens...we LOVE greens, but sometimes it's just not enough for a full meal)

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Thanks. I made the beef pot roast w/ sweet potatoes, with a side of broccoli for dinner. It was the first time in awhile I felt full. I feel better not going to sleep hungry.

Thank you again!

Happy Day!

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