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Compliant, but yet a setback

Jenn B

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I am finishing day 16;

However, Day 14, I was doing super is when the setback hit. I made it through two meals that day being "out" (brought my proteins and fats). But over the course of the subseqent days, my body was not happy.

First, my veggies on day 14 were ALL raw. up to that point, I have never consumed all raw veggies in any one given day. That night (from a long and hard day- spent with family and at funeral of close family member) i had an after dinner snack, which I had cut out for my entirety of my 30. It was raw cashews, hazel nuts, and black berries (way more than a handful, but compliant)

The morning of Day 15 my energy level was low- when I went to the restroom, I broke out into a cold sweat. I had to work that day as a ski instructor and was dragging, which has been unusual for me since about day 6 when my energy picked up. i drank a bit of coffee with canned coconut milk for cream. i noticed after the fact it was a hazlenut coffee, which i think to some degree is processed, but i am not sure. my stomach was gurgling all day, and feeling bloated. i think raw canned coconut milk does not do well in my system. (i have lost my taste for coffee) that night more time was spent with family, and i could not get home fast enough and in bed that is how tired i was- and for the past week or so, i have been staying up later with the new energy.

Today, day 16 i could barely get out of bed. dragging again. i have noticed for the past few days a slight scratchy throat, which today evolved into a slight runny/sneezy nose. with no taste for coffee, i switched to chai tea today, which i like.

If all this is due to the one late evening indulgence (is it?) of nuts and berries, it has taken me much longer to get back on track. it concerns me that i will not be able to reintroduce foods- as my body will go into digestive distress if i am not i am not "compliant".

what degree, if any of this, is my body "healing" or resisting?

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Seems like you had a stressful few days..... Probably lowered your resistance and you caught a bug..... A few nuts and berries arent going to kill you so dont beat yourself up. ISWF has a great analogy about cause and effect, shark attacks on the rise due to higher than normal ice cream sales ( it's summer and more people are swimming)

Take a deep breath and just go with it, it will pass and you'll be right as rain in a few days......

Hope you feel better soon!

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Yes, it has evolved into a cold. And a second funeral today. I have laid off working out, drinking herbal tea around waking clock. And though low in energy level, this "cold" has never gotten full blown, which probably because I am eating healthy. Thank you all.

And in my hunger (feed a cold, starve a fever) I will eat more, and not hold back.

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