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Not Feeling the tiger blood :(

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So, I'm on Day 17 of my Whole30. I did have a Pizza and Beer incident last weekend, so I guess you could say I'm back down to Day 7, but ... I don't wan't to. That'll depress me.

Is it possible that one little slip up can completely bring you back to where you were on Day 1?

Anyway. I'm sleeping great. About a week into the Whole30, I started having trouble getting to sleep. That pushed me back to midnight, as opposed to my usual 10 pm sleepytime.

Now, I'm stuck on midnight. Boo.

Started taking 300 mg of magnesium before bed, but I felt like a zombie getting up, so I kicked it back to 150 mgs, and still feel very sluggish getting up.

When will the tiger blood happen? :(

And grapes are still giving me extreme bloating. Boo.

Cranky that I'm just not THERE yet.

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It will happen.... Everyone is different.. I just hit 120 days today and didn't feel the magic until about 3-4 weeks in...

I've posted before in other topics about how glad I am just not to feel like crap most of the time! Years of poor eating cant be undone in a couple of weeks, take solice in that everything you do know on is making you more healthy!

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You guys are awesome. Thanks for the advice and pep talk. I was hating all the things yesterday. LOL.

Renee--for a workout, I've been taking Taekwondo classes. Usually I go Mondays and Weds and night (the class is at 8 pm), although I can go MW during the day and TTh at 7:30. I've been trying to ramp up my workout schedule and at least go every day/night, but I just feel so wiped half the time. Very sore muscles. (It's an awesome workout!) I have been eating some lean protein once I get home--HB eggs or some rope vieja last night.

Fenderbender--your words of wisdom are GREATLY appreciated. I think the disappointment is based in expectation. But knowing this, I feel I can chill. It'll come. I trust it. I just miss cheese! LOL.

Thanks so much, you guys! Feeling much better today.

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