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What to do with coworkers who like to bring "snacks"...


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I'm on Day 11 of my Whole30 and all week I've been having to ignore the snacks that my attending has decided to bring to rounds every morning (I'm a medical student, and I work in a hospital)...She's being very nice, and wants to create a fun environment. BUT she brings Girl Scout cookies, one of my favorite things...And everyone around me eats them, and all I can do is just say no. It's been pretty rough...

Then this afternoon was the worst, she brings a bag of chips and Reese's pieces (my FAVORITE CANDY EVER, and the only food I've had a food dream about since starting the Whole30). I resisted though, then when asked if I could run them back to the work room after we were done I was just like "no! I'm not touching those things, I can't eat them!"

Apparently my attending overheard me, and she immediately felt bad that she was bringing all this stuff that I couldn't eat. She asked what I could eat and is planning on bringing healthy stuff tomorrow. It taught me a good lesson...Sometimes its a good idea to speak up, people are very receptive to it! Just wanted to share some of my troubles, and how willing some people are to help you out when you let them know what you're trying to do!

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It is nice when you get support for healthy eating choices. I'm a nurse, so work in a hospital setting too, and know that it can be a battle ground of poor food choices. The hardest part is not catching a break for hours and hours (and hours) sometimes, and you get hungry enough to want to eat whatever is is front of you. Before I started eating W30, I used to eat the available sugary things for fast energy, but then would have multiple energy crashes as a result.

A lot of my co-workers are supportive of my health endeavors. You're right, sometimes it's a matter of simply letting people know where you are at. On my unit, if someone brings in a treat, people have been understanding when I move it out of my reach and sight. Just this past weekend someone left a giant Hershey bar opened at the nurses station at around 5pm- bad time of day. I saw it, and immediately said "I have to move that". As I was walking over a co-worker jumped up faster than me, saying "i'll get that for you". We had a back and forth for a minute, and she was very supportive.

Yesterday though, basically sucked in terms of bad food everywhere. The hospital I work at was granted a special "status" that we have all been working towards, so there were lots of celebrations all day. Upper management sent out PLATTERS of cookies and cupcakes everywhere as our "reward" for all the hard work. These platters were on every unit, in every break room, and in every kitchenette. The head of nursing was even going around with a cheese and cracker cart! I was good, but it was really tough under those circumstances.

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My friend seems to have food brought in to her work almost daily and she has resolve of steel - I'm so proud of her!

A couple of things she's told me she's said to them that seemed to work without much fuss are:

- I promised my friend for 30 days we'd stay away from xyz (candy/grains/whatever) and she'd kill me if I did! :)

- I have an allergy to xyz

- My body seems to be reacting negatively to certain foods so I'm trying to eat real clean over the next month and then slowly reintroduce foods to see how my body fares. So can't do the xyz right now. (I've used this excuse too).

Hope these help :)

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