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Brandi's Log - Started 6/18


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B: small portion broiled salmon, broiled cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli.

L: broiled salmon, zucchini, tomatoes, 1/2 small avocado

D: Broiled salmon, tomatoes, steamed broccoli

Snack: apple

Drinks: Licorice tea, yerba mate tea, sparkling water

Note: I used olive oil for all my cooking. Also, I found Copper River Salmon at Costco for a great price - I'll be eating the heck out of it until it's gone :)

I'm missing my coffee w/ cream, and my wine. I'm giving up both for now, as I usually drink coffee throughout the day with lots of cream. Coffee and wine are like my treats, and I do think I have an unhealthy addiction.

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Hi Brandi,

Wow! I thought I ate a lot of salmon because I sometimes eat it once per week. Salmon is definitely a super food, but you need some variety... both to keep your food appealing and to feed your body properly. Different foods include different vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc., so rotating through a variety of proteins and veggies is required to maximize our health.

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I started yesterday too!

I feel you on the wine and coffee! I will definitely miss wine this first week or two. When I did my first Whole30 I was pleasantly surprised that I stopped wanting wine altogether by the end of it. I started drinking my coffee black during that time as well (and shocker of shockers I'm actually starting to really enjoy it this way!!!) I still enjoy it with cream and maple syrup, but rarely indulge in that because it makes me feel off.

The Copper River salmon at Costco is a great deal. Have you tried Melissa's recipe (from Clothesmakethegirl blog?) Most amazing salmon ever and Whole30 approved.

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Thanks Tom!

I did just set some ground turkey, bacon, and chicken breast out to defrost. I also eat a lot of ground bison. I usually am good about rotating, LOL! I just didn't want to waste the fish :)

And Bon - I think I'll look up her salmon recipe! I was looking through her site last night and made the decision to try her homemade mayo later this afternoon for chicken salad. Good luck on your second day today!


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Hello! Today has been a successful Day #2 (I think!). I added a CF workout in (first time in a few months) so I'm gonna feel that tomorrow.


B: Hardboiled egg (ok- I normally skip breakfast because I'm just not hungry).

L: cucumber slices, celery slices with about a T of almond butter (I think this is OK?), a handful of black olives, 3 pieces of bacon and 3 eggs fried in the bacon drippings.

D: I don't think I can eat anything else tonight - I'm so full from lunch. But, I just spent the last hour making homemade mayo with a whisk (SUCCESSFULLY!!) and I was looking forward to eating some atop asparagus and, making this salmon recipe from Well Fed (after two glowing recommendations).

Drinks: licorice tea, yerba mate tea, water, coffee black and w/ coconut milk from a can.

I'll be up late, making chicken salad with my fresh mayo to pack for lunch tomorrow. Thanks all for your tips and encouragement!

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Hi friends! I just finished another successful day! (I'm a night shifter, so my "day" just ended and I'm about to go to sleep for the "night")

B: coffee w/ coconut milk from can

S: slices of: bell pepper, cucumber, celery

L: chicken salad (w/my homemade mayo) atop salad greens

D: black olives, few bites of leftover chx salad, boiled egg, apple/almond butter

Drinks: today just coffee and water

Super proud I've not been tempted to ruin my Whole30 w/ wine or dairy! :)

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