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Hi everyone! Day 4 for me...so far so good.


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I was inspired by a friend to start this who shares lots of paleo and health stuff and highly recommended the whole30 program

I don't have any real health issues, I just know that lots of what I put into my body isn't very helpful - I tend to eat quite a bit of sugar and being on my own a lot (and hating cooking) means at times I make what's quick and easy rather than what is healthy. Also my energy and moods can be all over the place sometimes.

I've found myself on day 4 and so far it's been easy. I think that is because the first 3 days I was on a VERY intense business course which meant that I was very focused on something else so didn't really have any time to crave anything and was too tired to feel tempted by alcohol at the end of the day when others were having a drink - I just ate a really good breakfast, lunch and dinner and that was it.

Also any stress I've felt I've put down to the course - some of it may have been food changes but because I haven't seen it that way it hasn't given me any trouble.

Today is day 4 and I am freakin exhausted - but I don't know how much that has to do with food and how much that has to do with a heavy few days and nowhere near enough sleep!

But I don't doubt it will get much harder than this now I'm back to my own environment.

Really glad to have this forum to see other people doing it and get advice from people with loads of experience!

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