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Proof is in the pudding!


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Well .... I've gone on and on about how great I feel and I completed a W120, but now for some science...

Got my blood work back after being w30 complient for 115 days....

Total cholesterol 229... But.....

LDL.... 118. Down about 25 points

HDL... 101 !!!!! That's up 45 points

Ratio... 2.3!!!!!

Triglycerides 49!!!!

So even though my totals went up a few points and is over the stupid 200 number my LDL is still within standard limits but my HDL over double !!! , I had a massive gain in HDL and massive loss in triglycerides and I don't think any cardiologist could argue with a 2.3 ratio and a 49 triglyceride level!!!

The rest of my numbers were dead in the middle of normal with the exception of elevated Creatinine (1.7). I just retested that today as when I did my blood the other week I mistakenly did three back to back workouts in the 24 hours prior and a massive workout morning of bloodwork... So dehydration and muscle breakdown will give an elevated #.... Crossing my fingers that the number come back normal this time as I really don't feel like having to deal with a kidney specialist!

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