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7 days strong!


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I'm 7 days into my Whole30 journey, yay!

Reflecting on the last week, I've had some realizations:

1) My sugar cravings have vanished, though I admit my sugar fantasies linger. I can still imagine what an oreo cookie tastes like, and in my memory it tastes delicious. But now I can say no. Pretty easily. And that's progress. My only worry is that I'll never "forget" how yummy bad-for-me-sugar tastes...but I'm hoping that will come with time.

2) I'm slowly learning to listen to my body, and not just regarding food. Tonight I was all set to go to the gym, as I often start out new healthy eating programs by going overboard at the gym, but my body told me it's been a long week and that it wants rest. And for the first time I'm thinking of sleep as a part of my "get in shape" program. I also thought to myself, what's the rush, you've gone to the gym 3 times this week, and you shouldn't burn yourself out, you have time to do this slowly and in a sustainable way. And it clicked that this time it's different. This time I'm not looking for a get-skinny-quick fix (though if that happens, hooray!)...this time the plan is to have a complete healthy life, and to sustain that life forever.

3) In terms of physical changes, my stomach began to feel flatter in just a few days. I feel like I'm standing taller. My energy has been up and down, but my head feels clearer. Like a fog I never knew was there has been lifted. I'm excited to see how these changes continue to progress.

I'm off to give my body the rest it's craving, and will wake up refreshed tomorrow to begin my second week!

Good luck everyone!


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