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Introduction, Official 2/22, Triathlon


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Evenin'! I'm new to the site, glad to be here (if I make a fo-paux, it's by accident).

It's a day of firsts! Today is my first on the W30. I'm also training for my first sprint triathlon. I've dabbled in Paleo prior, but never head-on. I know what I eat is just as important as exercise and training, and the W30 has been very helpful so far. I've also been wanting to kick dairy and gluten because I have a weak stomach and have been boosting it with probiotics. So I'm excited to see what I'll reap from W30, supplement free.

Anyone here who's a triathlete please refer me to other resources on this topic. I'm training based on the guide from tri-newbies online. I'm also reading Paleo Diet for Athletes and also gonna pick up Robb Wolf's book. Anyone who can suggest and/or direct me to resources on supplementing training with the Paleo diet would be greatly appreciated!

Here's my day in brief:

  1. PreWO snack: avocado half, buffalo jerky and coffee with coconut mlik (energizing)
  2. Exercise - 30 min. swim (and 10 min. in the hottub)
  3. PostWO: 2 boiled eggs, 1 sweet potato with coconut oil, pineapple and coconut water
  4. Lunch: sauteed kale, garlic and kalamatas, avocado half, smoked salmon and mineral water with cucumber (refreshing!)
  5. Snack: handful macadamias and 1 pear
  6. Dinner: Michelle's lemongrass coconut chicken drumsticks (http://nomnompaleo.c...cken-drumsticks) with leftover kale, avocado half and cucumber water

I've gotta get some rest now! Good to be here and I look forward to learning from all y'all.

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