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Thirty Days=Fantabulous!!!


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I stumbled upon this whole 30 thing I cannot even remember how! But, it has become the most life altering most amazing thing that has happened to me in any recent time frame I can recall.

Flashback to 3 months ago I had gone to two doctors and read and googled everything wrong with me I was sick, miserable, constantly in pain. I was bloated food made me sicker I was hungry but, overweight and I got to the point I was afraid to eat. There were times I ate only chicken broth I did not know what to do! I was tested for food allergies but, nothing was concrete. I was scared I really worried if something was seriously wrong. I gave up ate everything and just felt sick all the time. I had no energy I struggled through my days. I work a lot I have a high stress job. This all was not going well. There were so many times that food made me cry. Cry because I was sick or because I knew I would be. It just wasn't fair or right. I knew this is not normal life should not be this way!

I saw this whole 30 I read more and more about it and was at the point why not? What did I have to lose? Nothing has worked or me. I felt so horrible constantly I was desperate. I circled a date 1/22 and read "It Starts with Food." I looked on the Whole 9 forum. I told EVERYONE what I was going to do and ignored the laughs and the lack of faith. I knew I could refrain from cheese and wine if it meant I could be pain free. I just had to try. Sooner then I could even think it was 1/22 my start day and I started.

The first week was HARD I was not a very nice person. But, I did it. There were other days like 13 and 16 they were hard I wanted tequila and Kraft Mac and Cheese. But, I held strong. Day 20 it was magic it was the day I felt RIGHT I felt like MYSELF I had forgotten what is was like. It was heaven! I felt blessed like Santa, the tooth fairy, and my fairy Godmother all brought me a gift that I worked my butt off for!

So it's now been 32 days what to I have to say about it all? Life changing! I tell anyone and everyone that will listen! Honestly, it brings me to tears how I feel! To have days where I can EAT! And eat so many delicious things and not be in pain is so absolutely wonderful! No one that has been through it would properly understand. But, to be at the point to stop eating and just drink broth you may understand

So my results? I lost 14 pounds a lot but, I have a lot more to lose. I really need to lose 50 more. I had given up on myself for quite some time no more! My cholesterol 110 triglycerides 57. Not too shabby I think! But, to feel the way I do? It's worth it's weight in gold! . The whole 30 is my life saver my blessing and I can only hope I can share it with others and help.

To Melissa and Dallas you are my heroes and my salvation! There were days months ago I could not see the light of day but, now I see the light IN me! Thank you with all my heart and soul!!!!

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