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Hi everybody,

Just under a month ago, I quit sugar and grains. I came to realize that whenever I overate/binge-ate it was on sugar and grains and not meat or fat. I also realized that when I stop the sugar and grain I was getting these psychological waves of despair, anger, etc. I realized that these "emotions" may be simply symptoms of withdrawal and that gave me faith that they may pass if I just put down the sugar and the grains.

So far so good for 27 days so far (not quite Whole30, but still paleo/primal) and I am able to fast through the night too. I am not losing weight yet, but many health issues are improving.

I had been doing Primal for over a year, but I would always find myself in the sugar and the grain. Now when negativity takes over in the forms of despair or anger, I ask myself if the food I have eaten triggered physical addiction first and it has been helping.


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