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Dried veggie snacks


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My husband is preparing for a hectic week of travel, so we have been planning ahead and preparing things he can try to pack with him in case he can't get to a store right away.

He will be making jerky, found some fruits and nuts, and is going to make his own packs. The veggie snacks at the store all had some sort of non-compliant oils. We'd like to make some of this in a compliant way, but we're not sure how. We're thinking they may be blanched, dehydrated and then fried, but we're looking to see if others have experience and more specific details.

Our dehydrator is new to us. We'd love to know about veggies and other things that you have had success dehydrating with some of the specifics of how.

Many thanks!


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I'm lazy about snacks, so I tend to just throw a bunch of stuff in the blender, dump it onto sheets and dehydrate into crackers. For example: ground beef, zucchini, celery, coconut, bone broth and spices. If they're not for me, nuts and avocado go well in there too. If they are for me I might add some grass fed gelatin into the mix. It's really hard to go wrong, just chop up things he likes to eat and dry.

Whether I blanch first depends on the vegetable, but usually I don't bother. How thin you spread it on the sheet will determine whether it's more like a crackers or more like chips. Possible binders include gelatin and eggs. Often I don't use a bunder at all and it still comes out fine. Once my husband wanted something to eat his guacamole with and I just dumped a jar of (compliant) salsa onto the sheets and it came out fine. Fell apart a little more easily, which just meant he couldn't load them up with guac as much as he might have liked.

I haven't kept good track of optimal time and temperature, I just wing it. Usually if there's meat in the mix I'll keep it on high for a few hours before turning it down and drying over night. I just realized this response is actually no help, except as a recommendation to go play!

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