First time drinking Kombucha = SLEEPY


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I just tried drinking Kombucha today for the first time because of the posts on this forum.

I drank half the bottle and after 2-3 hours, I felt VERY fatigued and sleepy. I had to take a nap (and I NEVER nap doing during the day).

My question is WHY am I so tired after drinking Kombucha?

ps. I'm on day 21 of this 30 day challenge.


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No, it was definitely related to the Kombucha.

Tom, what kind of benefits did you notice from drinking Kombucha? There are some links on the internet that say there are no proven facts about Kombucha, so I'm a little skeptical now.

Basically, I am using this as a probiotic as I can't eat yogurt (I'm lactose intolerant anyway). After how long will I start experiencing results?

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Have you included fermented veggies in your diet for digestion? I read about this in the book earlier today. I also read about magnesium for digestion, although some people also use it for sleep, right, Tom?

I have read that kombucha can energize some people and make some people sleepy. I am very sensitive to caffeine and it appears as though commercial kombucha does have caffeine.

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