4 days in for my little boys 2 1/2 & 6


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What's Working:

"I love you too much to let you eat that, what about ___ instead"

Fruit, nuts, and dried/ freeze-dried fruit snacks

Teaching them what foods are fat and what are protein and that they need those in balance with their fruits and veggies

Gving them lots of choices at mealtimes- "what do you want for your protein, cold chicken, boiled egg or sardine" "for your fat do you want avocado, olives or nuts" etc

Weekly cookup is the biggest stress reducing lifesaver- no desperation take out.

Pointing out when the kids are happy and getting along well that they feel that way because their bodies are getting nutritious food

Also pointing out that nutritious food is what is giving mommy all this energy to take them on various fun outings

Stocking the shelves with non food treats like new art supplies and playdoh.

Taking our own snacks to places where off plan snacks are available

My husband is out of town for a couple weeks and I found it easy to do this cold turkey without him as he is more resistant to quick changes

Rearranged the pantry so some off plan things I wanted to keep are out of sight- bit the worst of the off plan stuff went to my junkfood junkie sister in law

Sparkling water with frozen fruits- they call it fuzzy water and they love it

Replacing the baby's nap & bedtime milk bottle (I know I know, don't judge) with water with a few tbsp of coconut milk

This change has been totally worth it and I'm sticking with it for the whole family. After 3 or 4 days of eating this way I really noticed a dramatic shift in the kids being HAPPIER and playing together for hours with NO FIGHTING AND NO FITS.

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I forgot to add my divert and distract techniques- the kids have both struggled with disappointment and frustration when their ice cream/pizza dragons are going strong and they realize they are not going to be satisfied- I have calmly re-explained our food choices, but instead of offering them a substitute immediately I found they responded better with being totally distracted from food with a high value fun activity- for my older son that is computer game time or art, for the little one, art or some messy fun, like cups of dry beans and squirt bottles of water etc. It is taking some time and focus to stick to this and I realize I am fortunate in that I work less than part time and am self employed and have a lot of time to put into it, but I would just encourage anyone who wants to try it that the payoff is SO WORTH IT. We are only a few days in and their attitudes are like night and day different.

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Excellent. I was just coming to post a question about how to do this with my kids. They are older (9 year old twins) and I can tell they are getting started on their pre-puberty massive growth spurts, so having LOTS of food available is really really important. I have one who just really does not want to eat it unless it has lots of sugar, but I like the idea of having everything ready and offering a non-food choice when the dragons loom. Thank you!

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cool...i'm just about to embark on my first Whole 30 myself, but was wondering how people do with kids, mine are 5 year old twins and we've been discussing making healthier eating choices, and what foods are healthy and which ones aren't, they typically eat what i do, so will be eating whole 30 compliant at least 2 meals a day along with me, however, i was thinking that once i get through this one i may try to do a whole 30 this summer and include them with me...so glad to see what is working for others.

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Great post!

I have a 3.5y/o daughter and 3y/o twin boys and I'm not sure how to go about it all.

We've been eating whole foods for almost a year now, raw dairy from pastured cows, lacto fermented veggies (they LOVE string beans and carrots that way) as well as water kefir & kombucha but like most kids, pasta, rice, toast, and the dreaded breakfast cereals are tough ones to leave out.

I talk to them about healthy foods and they are starting to get it but I just don't think I can cut out the grains & dairy cold turkey. I mean I know it's my fault that I just haven't had the time to prep for this right... for the first time EVER since having them, I put myself first and said I am doing the W30 and I will just slightly adjust their meals.

We just went to the dentist and found out 2 of them have the start of cavities so that was another kick in the ass to get off grains.... i want to remineralise their teeth and show the dentist there's another option to drilling& mercury fillings!

SO... these first few days, breakies are tough... yogurt w/ berries on day 1 and 3 and eggs with fruit on day 2. They eat their lunch at daycare and I dread hearing about it when I ask them what they had for lunch! My plan is to hopefully start sending them their own food.

Tips for breakfast and suggestions for daycare would be greatly appreciated!

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Good for you, that's terrific! We have a similar background foodwise as well- lots of the good stuff but some of the bad stuff too because it's what kids expect to get. I also got a ways into my w30 before I added the kids, by that time I wadding the weekly cookup so compliant food was at the ready. I also have to pack my kids day worth of food so I got more compartmentalized containers and sauce cups. I also am not nagging them about what they are or are not liking to eat, I make offerings at meal times and they take it or leave it. Nothing fancy. I allow them to snack and graze on nuts and fruit. I'm not worried about the details right now during their emotional withdrawal from familiar foods like rice pasta and cereal. All I care about is 100% avoidance of grains, dairy and sugar. The rest will fall into place later. Here are some things I don't run out of: eggs, boiled eggs, pistachios, freeze dried strawberries, cut up raw veggies, fresh fruit, thawed hamburger meat, meatballs, cold sliced chicken, homemade mayo, olives, baked sweet potatoes, sparkling water. So their snacks and lunches are just some of this and some of that. It's really almost been simpler.

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i have to get organized and do the weekly cookup idea...i think that would be a huge help along with getting more containers to send foods to school with the kids...i really want to start feeding them all W30...if not this time around then next time...i'm thinking of taking the month of april to still eat paleo, but not totally w30 and see how that goes but do a w30 or maybe even a w90 starting in may or june...then i'll pay attention to my changes/progress and the kids and the differences. my grandmother is moving in with us this may and getting her to eat compliant will most likely be out of the question (she is really thin, but hardly eats and when she does it's almost always cereal or a peanut butter sandwich or something chocolaty...part of why she needs to live with me is the start of dementia, which i think dietary improvements and herbs would help) but my grandmother will be really tempted to give the kids "treats" and i'll have to keep her from sharing her cereal and bread and things with them.

Moluv, i love reading about how you are doing with the kids, when i see the posts. such an inspiration.

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