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Whole30 Take 2!


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Howdy, all!

I did a Whole21 back in December. It was supposed to be my first Whole30, and I stuck to the right foods through Day 30, but my cravings went crazy (I think it was an "extinction burst.") during the fourth week and I had waaaay too much fruit....so I didn't count my last week.

Toward the end, I contemplated doing a Whole45 starting March first. However, my eating has not been the best lately, though I certainly learned a lot from my Whole21 and have incorporated many different Whole9 aspects into my lifestyle. Nevertheless, I have decided I want to complete a Whole30 before summer.

Also, I did my first mud run a few weeks ago and am looking to do another in a little less than three months. This new mud run is much tougher and I want to feel my best so I can have the most fun! :D

This time around I plan to keep a food log on here, re-read ISWF, and restart my Whole30 Daily e-mails.

My goals for my Whole30 Take 2 are:

1) Get to the gym at least three days per week.

2) Turn off my phone and computer by 9:00pm most nights of the week.

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that's so awesome...about the mud run! i am very out of shape but have been wanting to do a mud run, my sister has been doing 2 to 4 a year for almost 3 years now. i'm starting my first whole 30 march 1st and i'm hoping to go to small group training with my sister at least once a month at the gym she goes to and train on my own at home in between, my sister may even help me get some running in after the snow melts and she gets back to outdoor running (she is actually spin certified and working towards a pilates certification and a personal trainer cert. and very athletic so i can't think of a better workout partner).

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