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Whole30 Take 2!


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To begin preparation for my first Tough Mudder in less than three months, I will be Whole30ing from February 26th to March 27th.


1) Get to the gym at least three days per week.

2) Turn off my phone and computer by 9:00pm, 4+ nights of the week.

I also plan to keep a food log on here, re-read ISWF, and restart my Whole30 Daily e-mails. :D

Measurements: w-31" h-39"

Weight: 157 lbs.

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Day 1


Had to get up a bit earlier than normal today, so woke up tired...even after at least eight hours of sleep. But I'm excited to start my Whole30 journey! :D


Got some serious cravings going on! I really hope this Whole30 helps me with my food issues. I often feel that when I do a really restrictive diet change, I just want to rebel and eat everything I'm not supposed to! lolol I think once I get another night 8+ hours of sleep, I'll feel better though. (;

Food Log


-two eggs with pepper

-US Wellness Meats bacon

-raw carrot



-salmon fried in coconut oil

-boiled green beans

A note on my food:

I do my best to get everything local and organic. I was a vegetarian for a long time for health and moral reasons, and so now I only eat humanely-raised (preferably organic) meats.

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