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limejuicy's W30: 6/19 to 7/18


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Wooo, here I go!

Background: I went strict paleo for about 30 days last November. It was great (minus the 2 weeks of carb withdrawals!) and helped me discover that I was gluten intolerant. No more bread for me - I've stuck to that pretty well. I've had some bad weeks where I just suffer the consequences for various "reasons" (excuses). Lately however, I've been indulging in waaaaay too much sugar (via ice cream, chocolate, licorice) - daily, like most of the day!, dairy and wine. I feel horrible and I'm at the point now where the cravings are so intense I just cave. Enter It Starts With Food - arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago. I'm only a bit into it, but the sections on the emotional/physical cravings hit home and I made the decision to DO THIS NOW. :)

I crossfit, though not as regularly as I would like. At least 2x week, but would love to be at 3-4x. Work/commuting take up too much of my time, but because I live in a beautiful place with my wonderful husband, it is all worth it.

starting weight on 6/18: 132 (5'7") I'm not looking to lose weight, but would like to change my body fat composition. My belly is suddenly not so flat thanks to my frequent rendezvous with ice cream.

starting pant size: 6 - 8

supplements: chelated magnesium and Omega3

I'm planning to post my meals/training daily to keep myself accountable.

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And, with that, I need to post what I ate today already because I'll forget!! So. much. food. I'm hungry!!

5:30 am crossfit

B: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, topped w/avocado and homemade tomatillo salsa. coffee with 1 tbsp of almond milk! eep, just saw that this is not ok. I'll be using coconut milk from now on.

snack: hungry in an hour! 1/2c coconut milk w/1 c of frozen blueberries/peaches blended

snack #2: seriously. leftover burger on greens w/tomatillo salsa

L: a few bites of sweet potato (not into it today apparently), leftover chicken on greens w/grilled veggies and some bacon on top

D: pork chop (rub of: smoked paprika, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper), small salad w/lemon juice and EVOO, and zucchini sauteed in EVOO. DELISH.

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself about the fruit and smoothies. Trying to make the best choices and only use no more than 1 c of fruit and coconut milk.

Just saw the pre-workout (fat+protein) and post-workout (lean protein+veggie starch) W9 food recommendations, so I'm going to incorporate those from now on and see if they help me perform better and be less crazy hungry throughout the day.

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I love that you are not concerned with losing weight. How you feel and body composition really is what matters!

You probably need to increase the size of your breakfast - at least 3 whole eggs and maybe 4. That would keep you from getting hungry and snacking as you did today. Eating big at breakfast may not work with your exercise schedule, but when possible, it really gets the day started well.

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You probably need to increase the size of your breakfast

Good point! I'm still trying to fight off the "too many eggs are bad" for you myth that I've heard for my entire life. I just need to go with it. Or add another protein into the mix. Thanks!

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Day 2:

Starting to feel the sugar withdrawals as well as not having caffeine after lunch. ICK. Foggy, cranky and I have a headache. Can't wait for this part to be OVER.

B: 3 eggs scrambled w/a handful of spinach, and salsa. Iced coffee w/coconut milk. It took a lot to choke down that much food at 5:30 am. However, it worked and I wasn't hungry until lunch. I actually wasn't really hungry at lunch, but made myself eat.

L: salad w/leftover rotisserie chicken, peppers, avocado, lemon juice & olive oil.

snack: hard boiled egg, one piece of bacon and some sugar snap peas. herbal tea

I was going insane w/sugar cravings after work so I had 1/2 peach w/coconut butter

D: going for the starches! sweet potato, leftover pork chop and spaghetti squash sauteed in EVOO and garlic

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Day 3, though I'm going to restart tomorrow. I noticed yesterday that my bacon had sugar in it, and I truly want to do this thing completely sugar free. Sugar free bacon obtained, so I'm good to go!

Today I am not cranky. Wooo!! The pre-workout and post-workout snacks made a huge difference. I wasn't hungry all day long.

PWO: 2 pieces of bacon and a few raw cashews

Workout: 25 abmats, 15 pull ups, 15 kettlebell swings - 5 rounds

PWO: grilled chicken and carrot sticks

B: 75 min later - 3 hard boiled eggs. Eating well in a time crunch is difficult. Ate these in the car on my 1 hour commute.

L: some horrible salad from a pizza place. Work meetings suck. Ice berg lettuce, tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, bell peppers. The pizza place didn't even have olive oil!! WTF?! All good pizzas have olive oil on them damn it. So yeah, I ate that salad dry.

Snack: banana, coconut butter and some snap peas

D: The most wonderful chili from paleOMG.com, Smokey Bacon Chili. LOVE Juli's recipes!! linky: http://paleomg.com/smoky-bacon-chili/ I had it over some spaghetti squash, topped with avocado.

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Day 1! again! :)

PWO: handful of raw cashews

workout: 6 min AMRAP: 800 m run and 65# C&J until 6 min are up, rest 2 min then 4 min AMRAP: 400 m run/C&J, rest 1 min then 2:30 AMRAP: 200 m run/C&J. RX w/reps being 4, 6, 5. Can't wait for the altitude here to stop kicking my ass.

PWO: bites of left over pork chop, 1 egg white and a few carrots

B: 3 eggs scrambled w/spinach and salsa

L: left over chili over 1/2 avocado

S: spoonful (or 2) of coconut butter

D: burger patty on bed of greens w/bacon, avocado, snap peas, bell pepper, tomato, jalapenos, lemon juice and EVOO

and I'll probably have "dessert" later.... :)

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Day 2

B: 3 eggs scrambled with spinach and jalapenos. I love me some jalapenos!

L: 1/2 sweet potato topped with a little bit of left over chili and avocado

S: We took a last minute trip to the mall....OMG. Husband wanted Chick-Fil-A. Strangely enough, I wasn't tempted by anything in the food court. He ate his meal, and I went for my snack later - a turkey Nick's Stick. Not ideal, but I think they are still Whole30 compliant. They are really great for emergency snacks. If you haven't seen these, check them out. Grass-fed, no garbage, snack sticks - http://nicks-sticks.com/

S #2: Totally know I didn't need this, but it's hot outside and it just sounded soooo good. Smoothie of frozen organic raspberries from a friend's garden and coconut milk. TART!

D: peppercorn burger on spinach, red bell pepper, tomato, avocado, snap peas and jalapeno w/lemon juice and EVOO. YUM.

Seriously happy right now with how I'm feeling. Ditching the junk has been magical. I really hope it stays this way! I'm so glad I wasn't eating bread still when I started this, I'm pretty sure I'd be in full on carb flu like when I ditched it last year.

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ugh! went out to breakfast with the in laws and ordered scrambled eggs and bacon. didn't think about the fact that I think most places put milk in the eggs?? my stomach is not happy. I'm not going to start my 30 days over though, since milk isn't my big trigger. but, bllaaaaahhhhh!

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ha, thanks! I tend to have a comment about everything..... :)

Day 3 (yesterday)

pre-breakfast (knowing I was going to go out to breakfast late): 1 hardboiled egg, 1/2 avocado. I should have eaten a full breakfast.

B: super gross scrambled eggs and bacon

L: leftover burger on spinach w/bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado and jalapenos w/lemon juice and EVOO

D: I felt like crap all day, which may be all because of the breakfast, or the fact that there is a fire about 40 miles away, and the smoke has blown over to us- we don't have a/c, so the windows were open all day. I felt/still feel like crap, so it may be a bit of both. Anyway, back to my "meal", all I wanted was fruit. Actually, I wasn't really hungry, but thought I should eat and that is all that sounded good. Not the best choice, but hey, it wasn't ice cream. 1 peach, a few strawberries sliced w/coconut butter. a couple hours later, I had a handful of cherries.

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Day 4

B: 3 eggs scrambled w/onions and bell pepper, spoonful of coconut butter, iced coffee w/coconut milk

L: salad w/ 1/2 leftover burger, beets, bell pepper, avocado w/lemon & EVOO

Snack: yup, another snack I didn't need, but it was hot and I wanted some fruit. handful of grapes dipped in coconut butter. I still haven't broken the eating while bored, or eating just to eat thing. at least I'm craving fruit or protein instead of candy!

D: steak w/salad and sweet potato

Still feeling super great, woo!

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Day 5

preWO: handful of cashews

Workout: 15-12-9-6-3 of DL, power clean, front squat, push press. I have a seriously weak push press, so I had to do these at 40#. Cash out of wall walks...never could do them before, but I got a few this time. Decided to skill DUs, and low and behold, I went from only being able to get 3 (total at all, not in a row), to 20 total (again, not in a row). This can't be a coincidence can it? Last Thursday I tried and tried and today, BAM. :D

postWO: grilled chicken and 1/2 c sweet potato

B: 3 hard boiled eggs. In the car. :)

L: Salad w/smoked salmon and leftover steak.

Snack: snap peas and some grilled chicken

D: Small spinach salad w/bacon, tomatoes, avocado and balsamic/EVOO

I have tons of energy! It's nice to not be totally exhausted after being gone for 11 hours at work. I also managed to make pancakes for the hubs, and didn't even think about tasting them. :)

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hmmm, so I just got to the part in ISWF about not snacking. oooohhh. I've gotten through the hard part of this, so I guess it's time to tweak so I'm more in line with the plan.

ETA: and aaanother thing - sulfites! did not know about these! no more pickled jalapenos for me. :(

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Day 6

Ok, I learned something else from ISWF, like meals are now #1, #2 and #3!

Meal #1: 3 eggs, 1/2 c sweet potato, handful of grape tomatoes, 1/2 avocado

Meal #2: salad with grilled chicken, smoked salmon, bell peppers, lemon juice & EVOO

Snack: Boooo me! I know this is totally psychological. And what's worse, is that I chose a Larabar as my snack. DAMN. Work in progress I guess.

Meal #3: Burger fried in coconut oil (um, yum!), on greens w/1/4 avocado smothered with roasted tomato/jalapeno salsa - the fresh made kind from a little Mexican restaurant in town. They promised me they do not put sugar or any other chemicals/additives in it. I'm having this meal tomorrow as meal #1 it was so good.

Things I've noticed: I've lost the little bloated belly - hip bones are back. My digestive system appears to have rejoined the rest of my body and is not making me miserable at all. WIN.

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Ugh, yesterday was a big fail! But, I don't think the Larabar was my problem. I think I had some sort of 24 hour virus. I went to the gym, wasn't hungry really, and only ate half of Meal #1. A few hours later, I suddenly had a migraine, body aches and chills. I spent the entire day in bed. I wasn't hungry until about 5pm. I had my husband pick up some gluten-free soup because I couldn't imagine chewing or eating chunky anything. Of course the soup had sugar and corn starch in it. I suppose that means I should start my W30 over.... :(

preWO: a few cashews

WO: heavy deadlifts 5-5-5-5-3-3-3 my 3 rep max was 120#. Then, 10-8-6-4-2 of wall walks, good mornings (w/45# bar), abmats, wall balls (15#).

postWO: a few bits of chicken and sweet potato

Meal #1: 3 eggs w/ salsa and 1/2 avocado. Could only eat 1/2


Meal #2: (5pm) Carrot ginger soup (non compliant)

Snack: peach/blueberry smoothie w/coconut milk

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My new Day 1 (yesterday)

My stomach was still a little meh yesterday, but I still went to the gym and did my best to eat.

preWO: a few almonds

WO: 800 m run, 4 sets of: 12 hang clean/shoulder press, 10 chin ups, cash out - 800 m run. Then, 2 min max pullups. YIKES.

post WO: a few bites of chicken and some carrots

Meal #1: 2 eggs and some smoked salmon

Meal #2: uh, I had another Larabar. But everything sounded disgusting on account of the stomach issues. About an hour later I had a salad w/smoked salmon

Meal #3: grilled burger on greens w/bell pepper, avocado, bacon, capers, red onion and lemon juice/EVOO

Things noticed today: My legs are smoother/firmer. The cellulite is disappearing, which is exciting! I'm also sleeping really really well!

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Day 2

preWO: handful of almonds

WO: 1000 m row then 3 sets of 8 hang snatches and 3 sets of 8 overhead squats and 100 DUs broken up however. Shoulders = thrashed this week. Also FOUR workouts in one week?!! AWESOME.

post WO: grilled chicken and carrots

Meal #1: sweet potato hash w/onions leftover burger and an egg

Meal #2: a Nick's Stick in the car on my way home, then a raspberry/blueberry/peach smoothie when I arrived. Not my best choice. I feel great that I have not caved and had a Krispy Kreme or part of a frozen pizza - my husband is torturing me today! All I want to do is snack - it is hot and smoky here and it is making the whole appetite/cooking thing very difficult.

Meal #3: grilled lemon/garlic shrimp w/grilled bell peppers, onions, zucchini and squash. Sooo good. Why haven't i made shrimp yet on this W30??

PS I love that my log thread is "HOT" and it's pretty much just me talking to myself. hee. ;)

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Day 3

Meal #1: salad w/leftover shrimp and grilled veggies

Meal #2: salad w/smoked salmon and a couple of hard boiled eggs

snack: peach w/coconut butter

Meal #3: grilled tri-tip w/grilled sweet peppers on greens

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Thanks Erin, I love reading others logs too.

Day 4

Still haven't stopped the snacking - again, I'm pretty sure it's boredom.

Meal #1: garlic ground beef fried up with leftover grilled veggies and an egg w/salsa. iced coffee.

Meal #2: salad w/grilled peppers, 1/2 avocado, grilled chicken, 1 hard boiled egg, EVOO and salsa

Snack #1: grilled chicken tender and carrots

Snack #2: tooootally not necessary, but I was at the organic market and found these cilantro lime pistachios & pepitas. OMG. I think these may be the most wonderful tasting snack I have ever had and it's W30 compliant from what I can tell.

Meal #3: roasted spaghetti squash w/homemade tomato/sausage sauce. YUM. for me - sauce = 1 28 oz can of Muir Glen fire roasted crushed tomatoes, 1/2 small can of Muir Glen tomato paste, lots of EVOO, 3 cloves garlic, 1 tbsp dried basil, 1/2 tsp oregano, salt and pepper.

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