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limejuicy's W30: 6/19 to 7/18


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Day 19

Seriously going stir crazy being stuck at home. Hungry all the time for no reason except that I'm bored and kinda depressed. Kept it to all good food choices though!

Meal #1: 2 eggs, leftover carne asada and spaghetti squash hash, iced coffee w/coconut milk, frozen blueberries w/coconut cream

Meal #2: baked salmon w/greens, capers, lemon juice & EVOO

snack: leftover drumstick from last night's dinner. 1/2 cup of coconut milk

Meal #3: couple pieces of prosciutto, some olives and TWO experimental recipes from Well Fed! the cumin spiced carrots and the cocoa toasted cauliflower. Both were yummy, but that cauliflower was to die for! So glad I have leftovers. Seriously people, if you haven't bought Well Fed yet, DO IT.

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Day 20 (yesterday)

Meal #1: 3 strips of bacon, two eggs, leftover cauliflower and carrots, black coffee

Meal #2: salmon on greens w/olives, lemon juice & EVOO. berries and coconut cream

Snack: larabar (totally a stress snack!)

Meal #3: garlic ground beef w/sauteed zucchini, bell pepper and jalapeno (surprisingly delicious!)

I really am enjoying my meals and eating this way. I look forward to cooking now and with getting creative with my meals. That said, 10 more days!! I am looking forward to being a little less strict, but I plan to continue to read labels and avoid a lot of the icky stuff as much as possible (hidden soy, sugar and sulfites).

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Day 21

Meal #1: 1 egg, ground beef & veggie stir fry. small handful of blueberries w/coconut cream. black coffee

Meal #2: (10:45) mini early meal due to having a doctor's appt. some prosciutto, greens, olives, lemon juice & EVOO. Iced americano

Meal #3: (4pm) we were an 1.5 hr away from home, so we went out for Indian food. I had some great lamb kabobs and veggies, though I'm sure the veggies were cooked in a non-compliant oil. I did NOT cave for naan or the fried chicken appetizer my husband was freaking out about (OMG THIS IS THE BEST CHICKEN EVER). He was hungry.

Snack at home: berries and coconut cream. handful of cashews pretty difficult day medically, not really hungry.

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Day 22 (yesterday)

preWO: handful of raw almonds

WO: 10 Russian KB swings (35#) and 50 yard sprint (12 rounds), cash out: 21 ring dips, 50 abmats, 3x1 min plank holds

post WO: baby carrots and hardboiled egg (out of protein at home!)

Meal #1 (11am): 1 egg, garlic ground beef + veggie hash

Snack: a few dried cherries, a few olives and cilantro lime nuts (compliant!)

Meal #2: left over lamb kabobs w/stir fried zucchini and greens w/tomatoes, bell peppers, lemon juice & EVOO

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Day 23

Meal #1: 2 eggs, ground beef w/zucchini. handful of frozen berries with coconut butter drizzle. black coffee

Meal #2: 2 slices of prosciutto, salad of jicama, yellow tomatoes, bell peppers, lime juice and salt. a few olives. iced americano

Cooking WOD!: cooked up a ton of stuff! chicken tenders, hard boiled eggs, roasted beets, jicama salad, bacon, cauliflower rice and Well Fed's rogan josh

Meal #3: rogan josh on cauliflower rice. I loved it, my husband hated it. Guess what I'm having for lunch for the next 3 days....

I'll probably have some frozen berries later.

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Day 24

feeling great!!

Meal #1: leftover rogan josh w/cauliflower rice, jicama salad, iced americano

Meal #2: 2 hard boiled eggs, bacon, greens w/tomatoes, peppers, avocado, beets, lemon juice & EVOO. more coffee...

Snack: Larabar

Meal #3: applegate farms hotdog wrapped in lettuce. jicama salad

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Day 25

kinda fruit heavy...don't know why. laziness I guess.

preWO; handful of raw almonds

WOD: strength - split jerk 5x3 - final weight 70#. then 4 rounds: 15 pull ups, 15 40# good mornings, 16 KB snatches (18#). then, 3x1 min planks. Oh hai, ripped hands. :(

postWO: chicken strips and carrots. iced americano

Meal #1: 2 eggs and big pile of sauteed veggies. small handful of frozen berries

Meal #2: rogan josh, cauliflower rice. I should have eaten more...

snacky snack snack: larabar, handful of nuts, more berries

Meal #3: burger w/bacon wrapped in lettuce. 1/4 avocado and chopped tomato salad. bowl of fruit.

It's 9:30 pm and I'm starving (too much fruit, not enough protein today). Will probably eat a spoonful of coconut butter before bed.

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Day 26 (yesterday)

NOT a good day. I was late and as a result was limited in my food options and constantly hungry. BOO.

Meal #1: 3 hard boiled eggs eaten in the car (including peeling). I have no idea how I managed that.

Meal #2: Nick's Stick, salad from Rubios - ordered it w/grilled chicken & extra guac, but then looked up their chicken online and it has MILK, SOY, and WHEAT?! What?! Tossed the chicken and had the salad w/salsa and lime as dressing. larabar

Snack: Coconut chips and a few cashews

Meal #3: 1.5 applegate farms hot dogs, sliced beets, tomatoes and avocados. banana w/almond butter and sea salt....seriously one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten (the banana desert that is). SO. GOOD.

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Day 27

preWO- handful of almonds

WOD - 1000m run, then 4 rds of: 8 push press (55# for me), 10 burpee box jumps, 10 KB swings (35#). Cash out 600 m run (24:40)

didn't eat post WOD, wasn't feeling it.

Meal #1: 2 eggs, sweet potato hash w/ lots of veggies. iced americano, banana and almond butter

snack: some almond butter (bad, I know) wasn't really hungry

Meal #2: leftover cauliflower rice and rogan josh

Meal #3: Citrus carnitas from Well Fed. SOOOOO effing good! some berries. Again, not that hungry - but I wish I was!! I know what breakfast will be!

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Day 28 (yesterday)

preWO: handful of raw cashews


Meal #1: leftover carnitas, two eggs and some sweet potato hash

Meal #2: out to lunch - salad w/artichoke hearts, olives, cucumbers and sauteed shrimp. Lemon juice & EVOO.

Snack: lunch was obviously NOT enough. Snacky snack demon came out! larabar, dried cherries, more carnitas

Meal #3: Carnitas salad...and wine. yup. I chose to drink wine on purpose, and I'm ok with that. Later, apple w/almond butter.

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According to the scale today, I have lost 4 lbs. However, I weighed myself last week (I know, that was a no-no) and had lost 7 pounds. I think I have some hormone related water weight gain. Either way, 4-7 lbs lost was not planned and is a bonus! All of my clothes are loose and I think I dropped another pant size. :) I feel great, my cellulite has been reduced, I have more energy and I sleep sooo much better.

What I have learned/tips for others:

- Plan ahead! Do a weekly cookup of proteins and such on Sundays. ALWAYS have a supply of good food in the house and a few things that can be thrown together in a few minutes.

- EAT FAT. Do NOT be afraid of the fat. Love it, eat it, enjoy it!

- Don't count calories!! Just worry about picking good foods.

- Carb/sugar dependent people - have lots of starchy carbs on hand to make the transition easier. Sweet potatoes, beets, root veggies, squash.

- Eat a LARGE Meal #1. It makes a difference.

- If you are feeling foggy, up your carb intake. I found that I need to eat starchy carbs and fruits daily to function the best. Everyone is different.

- READ the labels on everything. There is sugar in just about everything and soy too! I find it disturbing that I can't buy a can of tuna that doesn't contain soy from my grocery store. p.s. dextrose is sugar. If you don't know what an ingredient is, google it on your smart phone before you buy the product.

- Coconut products make me happy, they might make you happy too - coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut milk, unsweetened shredded coconut. Get it all and keep it on hand.

- Get creative with food and recipes. Don't just eat eggs for breakfast, eat meat and veggies or leftovers or whatever.

- Have a "treat" item on hand for when your sugar cravings are out of control...I know this might be not really W30 approved, but honestly, I'm now used to hitting my treat of frozen berries w/coconut whipped cream instead of grabbing chocolate or ice cream. That is the kind of habit I was hoping to develop with the W30 so I can continue to make good choices.

- Read It Starts With Food

- Buy Well Fed. follow her website theclothesmakethegirl.com

- Check out PaleOMG.com's main dish recipes. Most of the other recipes aren't W30 compliant.

- Use this forum, it is so helpful!

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