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whole30 amazing...day 2


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Hi everyone.

This is my first whole30 experience. I am excited, nervous and somewhat confident today.

I am a personal trainer in Melbourne Australia and after reading "it start with food" and "the paleo solution" I feel a great desire to put science and history to the test, not only for my own health but my clients, family and friends!

My goals for the 30 and beyond are:

- improve and keep improving gut function

- change psychological addictions towards certain foods that are making me unhealthy

- improve physical performance and energy

- I'm interested in seeing changes that may occur to my body (I'm not overweight, however would like to achieve more definition)

Day 2 food:

Meal 1:

2 eggs


1/2 avocado

Roasted beetroot puree

Long black coffee!

Meal 2:

Chicken breast

Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, mango

Coconut butter, cinnamon

Meal 3:

Basil & mushroom mince beef

Cucumber & tomato salsa

Roast pumpkin bits

One question I did have is when cooking dinner I used olive olive as dressing in the salsa, on the pumpkin bits to roast and to cook the mince. The should be enough added fat yes?

On the topic of exercise, I ran for 12km today, approx 1hr, holy crap that was hard...I'm in training for a triathlon at the end of the month so I hope this lethargy buggers off soon! But once I recovered about 45mins I felt OK, just a bit spaced, has anyone else experienced this too?

Bring on day 3!!!

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Regarding exercise: For me, last week I felt as if I had cement blocks on my feet each time I exercised. I am on Day 8 and am feeling more clear headed and a little less physically fatigued. I will workout tomorrow (I'm using the excuse of "I need my body to adjust to take a few days off :) ) and hopefully it won't be as difficult.

Good luck!

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