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Day 1: 3.0


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1st whole 30- 19 days, stayed compliant but got sick after eating in a restaurant so I started over

2nd whole 30- added some extra rules for myself, i.e. No nuts, coconut, or caffeine and also no taking pics of myself as it is EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS WEIGHING ON THE SCALE.

Didn't have any problems with sticking to the appropriate foods, no cravings, no cheats but dammit all if I didn't go and snap a selfie after fitting into a pair of jeans that didn't fit last month. I know it's not an official rule but it's a rule I gave myself to break my body obsessive tendencies and focus more on real health, so I'm starting over day 1 today.

I weighed this morning and am up 1.8 lbs which is living proof that the scale is deceptive. Remember just yesterday I was fitting into a size smaller pants and was EXPECTING that meant I had lost a few pounds, but that just ain't how it works folks. Even though I *know* this intellectually, I'm still shaking off my hurt feelings because I really wanted that "I lost some weight" Badge. So FU scale, I'm going to put on my smaller jeans and forcibly remove your battery and shamefully place you out in the dark, dusty, cold workshop. There just isn't a place for you in this house anymore.

Whole30 3.0 rules- same as last time but I'm also going to focus on experimentig with how limiting FODMAPS and fibrous veggies will help my ongoing stomach tenderness. (thank you chriskresser.com)

I love Whole 30, I love the food I'm eating, I love doing cookups, I've got my kids eating this way,

I don't miss anything I'm not having and view this as an ongoing thing. Tom is my hero. This forum has replaced Facebook, and is far more useful and informative.

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