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Kristie's first whole30! (starting writing at day 8 - better late than never)


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Day 9 and feeling good.

After a few days of having weird dizzy/tingly spells I clicked that it was the coffee - I don't normally drink it but have been a bit sneaky recently and downing the odd cup just to perk me up if I have a lot of work to do. Turns out my body right now is hyper-reacting to it and I felt kinda drugged. So bye bye coffee.

The toughest thing for me is breakfast. Brekky has been my favourite meal for years and I have eaten oats almost every morning for about 10 years. Oats with coconut milk, some raisins or blueberries and maybe chopped nuts and cinnamon. God I am missing it! I am having bacon and eggs and tomatoes at the mo for brekky....and I have to say I am struggling having a cooked breakfast every morning when I was so used to something cold (I didnt cook the oats..I ate them like a cereal) and creamy and light and yummy.

I'm going to have to search this forum for ideas because breakfast is now a chore after years of loving it...and I am soooo close to being totally over eggs!

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I gave up coffee about a month ago - if you're not a regular drinker, I'd recommend staying away - no point in breaking your food addiction just to become addicted to caffeine :P

For breakfast, I like to throw in non-breakfasty foods as well. Nothing gets me more pumped for the day than steak & eggs with avocado and some mixed veggies!!

Keep it up - will be watching :)

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Hi Casey,

yeah coffee is off the menu. It was horrible feeling like that!

Steak and eggs? Geez I am a long way from liking the sound of that for breakfast....but from what I've read my tastes will likely change as I persevere with this.

What day are you on?

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Yeah day 10 for me too. Actually...looking at the time it's day 11 now. So...

Captain's log, stardate......something or other

Day 10 went fine. Actually feeling pretty balanced today which made me realise I'd been a bit mood-swingy the past few days. That seems like a normal reaction.

Discovered a not so bad breakfast. Kind of a frittata with loads of coconut milk in so barely tasted eggy at all.

Today felt really easy actually and my 3-day raisin-cravin' has disappeared.

Mind you, reading this inspiring post made it all much easier and clearer.....http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/7653-w30-is-curing-my-cancer/

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Today is day 12 - I skipped yesterday's up date. Starting to notice differences - namely in how tired I'm getting..or rather, NOT getting. I've had a crazy busy week and have only been getting 5-6 hours sleep (I need 8). Not to say I plan to keep this lack of sleep up or anything, but normally I would be utterly WRECKED after a day or two of that....and although I have tired moments I still feel totally fine after about 6 nights of it!

I had a friend's party to go to last night. I felt too tired but decided to go (soda water and fresh lime for me please) and at the point I though I would be exhausted....I wasn't and stayed up really late.

I also didn't get to eat dinner till like 1am. Normally not being able to eat for so many hours would have me desperately hungry to the point of feeling sick and dashing into the closest mcdonalds. Last night I felt hungry...but ok. I felt fine to wait to eat and wasn't craving any of the usual junk I automatically want when I'm hungry.


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Day....16 I think.

So far this is going soooo much easier than I expected.

A friend told me if I kept up my animal protein and fat intake then I wouldn't have such bad cravings...and I really haven't. Well today is the first time I have chocolate bars on my brain. I am thinking 'geeez that is the first bad thing I will have when I can - a chocolate bar.' I am craving chocolate more strongly than I have on the whole 30 so far....but I didn't feel tempted to eat any.

But still.....mmmmmmm snickers mmmmm...yummmm yummmm yummmm

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Day 22....I haven't written in about a week. I feel like I've fallen off the wagon a bit. Well I haven't exactly...but I've had a few days of being fed up of this and never wanting to eat another egg as long as I live.

I usually work from home (which makes it easy) but I had a couple of days running around and wasnt quite organised enough. Found myself hungry and in restaurants where there was like one option I could have. I felt like if I had to eat eggs again or salad again I would scream. I was a proper grump.

At one restaurant I thought 'stuff it' and ordered a breadless hamburger and sweet potato wedges. I didn't ask about cooking processes and ingredients as I didn't want to know. I also ate some of the mayo and tomato sauce there...without checking ingredients So you can bet I broke the rules ore than once in that meal!

I'm fining myself being sneaky and eating the odd handful of raisins. After a couple of easy weeks it seems to have caught up with me and I keep thinking 'just one piece of chocolate'...thought I haven't done anything past think about it.

I just really....a bit complacent and bored right now and fed up. Whingey I know...but that's where I am at.

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