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Whole 30 #2 Done-And a totally different experience


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I finished #2 yesterday and have been struggling with what to say about it. My tendency is to want to only bring up what was good about it, because I don't want to discourage anyone. But I realized that it's important to also mention what wasn't so good, because other people may be experiencing some of the same things. So here goes!

What Went Right

1. I lost 9 pounds! That's amazing to me, because my first round's weight loss was disappointing and I only had 20 to lose so I wasn't expecting much. Weight loss wasn't even my goal! I think it was Robin that said it would work this way, but I didn't believe her. :)

2. I snack no more! That was actually my primary goal, as it relates to hormone regulation. I am happy to say that I am no longer a snacker, and plan to stay that way.

3. Sleep. Need I say more?

4. Lifestyle changes. I don't think I really made any the first time I did this. I was so focused on eating the right foods and crossing off the days that I didn't really think about the changes I wanted to make long term. This time I feel like I "lived the Whole30" rather than just doing it. I know now that I won't ever go back to my old ways. That's just not who am I anymore.

What I Learned

1. I don't "love to eat" anymore.

2. I'm not afraid of being hungry. In fact, I kind of like it.

3. I was relying on food and drink for most of my entertainment. I'm working on that one.

Not So Ideal Experiences-I'm hesitant to say "side effects", because like the shark/ice cream example, I don't know that these were directly related to the W30. But they happened.

1. I lost my sense of humor. Or maybe no one has been very funny recently.

2. I lost my sex drive. Maybe related to hormone regulation? That one I need back.

3. I have been basically crabby and impatient. Especially with those mouths at home that seem to need to eat all the time.

4. I lost my interest in eating. I am guessing this all relates to the change in my attitude about food, and how much emphasis I was putting on it. (The celebrations, rewards, entertaining, etc.) I am okay with feeling like this for a while-I relate it to the feeling of "having lost your best friend" that addicts go through. When it turns out your best friend is also your worst enemy, it takes more than 30 days to straighten it all out.

I am still a work in progress. My plan now is to redefine what I consider "on plan" (some high fat dairy, a little red wine, honey and soy in marinades) and stay ON PLAN. "Off plan" is my dragon, so I'm just not going to go there right now.

Next Time-my goal next round (maybe mid May-mid June) will be to work on my eating habits. Meaning where and how I eat. I still eat at my computer, while reading the paper, and in front of American Idol. Although I wouldn't have thought so at the onset, I had a lot of bad food habits before the Whole 30. And what I ate was only one of them.

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Thanks for this. I'm planning to start my W30 in a few weeks times & I found this incredibly helpful.

And btw, I think you've got a great sense of humour. I cracked up when i read "Or maybe no one has been very funny recently". i think you've still got it. Maybe you need to set up a date at the comedy club with your SO (& enjoy a glass or two of red wine)...kill 2 birds with one stone there. ;)

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