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Day 3..Holy Mack Truck Batman

Julie Brockman

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Wow..I must have done some serious damage to my body..I feel like I was hit by a truck. Not sick/flu truck, just not a bone, muscle, joint, or hair that doesnt hurt on my body truck. :wacko:

And moody..wow, I didnt know I was/could be such a cranky pants. :angry:

I know sugar withdrawls can be difficult, but I think my smoking withdrawls were a lot easier a few years ago...

Guess I just need to suck it up and remember....this too shall pass..

Hope everyone is doing well on this...I cant wait for the "honeymoon" period of feeling great...

Luck to all! :D


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I know the feeling Julie, I was Day 3 yesterday and all of a sudden, after I got home from work it was like grumpy mum came out to play. Boy were the kids and partner tiptoeing round like they were on eggshells!!

I did wake up feeling better this morning though, we'll see how the day pans out - boy am I looking forward to the energy highs in a week or so :)

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