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Whole 30 and still going!

Jill Menezes Brashear

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Before Whole 30:

I was training for a marathon (my sixth!) and feeling tired all the time. I ate a grain free diet, but certainly indulged in dairy, legumes, and lots of wine! I was sleeping poorly, barely able to make it through the day with about six cups of Splenda and cream filled coffee. My daily diet coke was something I looked forward to almost as much as my nightly bowl of wine.

I found ISTWF through one of my triathlete buddies. She mentioned sleeping better and I was on board! She also mentioned very visual dreams about food...

I really thought I would struggle with giving up my soda and wine, but after the first week, I was totally fine. I haven't had an alcoholic drink for 30 days, and this is the longest I have gone since I was pregnant! I did struggle with sugar cravings after dinner, but this too was easily resolved with a cup of herbal tea. My biggest hardship was giving up my best friend, the scale. I visited it sometimes three times a day before Whole 30! I knew it would be hard to look at every day and not step on, so I hid it under the bed!!

I did give up my marathon training. After some deep thought I realized I didn't really like running that much. I was using running to control my weight. And truthfully, it wasnt working. Am I the only person who can run 20 miles and gain weight? I have taken my exercise down a notch and focused more on eating healthy. I guess exercise will be the next piece of the puzzle.


This is the part you were waiting for! I did step on the old scale today- I lost 4 pounds. Granted, I did not have a lot to lose. I am 5'6" and started at 140, today I was at 136. I have an athletic build and tend to carry a little extra pretty easily. My jeans fit better, and I feel pretty darn good! Good enough to keep going. So today is really day 31. I don't miss anything! Food tastes so good! I never knew I liked anchovies, or coconut milk or raw cashews! I certainly love sleeping through the night, even though I don't have those vivid dreams like my friend.

I'm sure I will probably have an adult beverage when it comes along, but dairy, wheat, and added sugars are gone forever!

So that's it, that's my story! Thanks for reading!! Good luck on all your journeys.

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