Only hungry for 2 meals a day! (?)


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This is a tad late to be asking this (as I'm on day 25) but I think I need to know for me next whole30.

I've noticed a trend thru this experience that on days I work or work out, I'm hungry enough for 3 meals, but on days I don't work (my job is physical) I'm just not hungry for 3 meals. If I skip breakfast, I'm hungry for lunch and dinner, if I eat breakfast, Im not hungry for lunch, if I eat breakfast and lunch, I'm not hungry for dinner. On any other 'diet' I would consider this a blessing, but I know eating is important on w30.

My meals aren't too large and stick within the parameters of the portions sizes from ISWF. Even sometimes unable to finish them all. I also NEVER snack.

I've never felt better than I have in the last 30 days and I'm sleeping great. My clothes are getting too big/fitting like they should.

I'm just wondering if this is ever normal?? I don't want to screw this all up, but at the same time, I want to listen to my body. I'm just curious if I'm the only one?

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Don't go around quoting me on this, but the Whole30 guidelines do not require eating three meals per day. We suggest three meals per day as ideal and highly recommend breakfast to help establish healthy hormonal rhythms, but you can do a Whole30 and vary from this pattern. The reason I am reluctant to let people hear me say this is too many people don't eat enough during a Whole30 and eating within an hour of waking is a powerful fix for hormonal rhythm problems, but it sounds like you are doing well and your attitude towards food sounds healthy.

Personally, if I eat only twice per day, even when they are big meals, I wake up in the middle of the night needing a snack. But I bet you are not alone.

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I think you are doing exactly what you need to be doing. Listen to your body. Sounds like you are seeing a lot of positive results.

My only word of caution is don't get stuck into the idea that on days you don't workout you should only eat 2 meals EVER. Be flexible. For example, there will be some weeks when Im just not as hungry, so I don't 3 big meals. However, within a few weeks I notice hunger ramping up again and I happily revert back to 3 meals.

Hope that makes sense

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Absolutely makes sense Megan! And I appreciate your candor Tom! I feel so relieved knowing I'm not ruining the program :)

I do intend to eat more when I'm hungry. I'm not emotionally tied to food so that I don't feel like I can't eat ;) cuz I know it's healthy foods! I always had a hard time eating more when I was really dieting, say on WW, cuz I would make bad choices ;) now that I'm making awesome choices 100% of the time, I have no issue eating whenever I'm hungry. Like right now, I'm not working today, but I'm hungry, so I'm going to go make myself a bit o' lunch :)

Thank you SO much you guys!

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