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How does my Daily meal plannin look?

Austin Harris

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This is an average day for me. Of course, some days meat choices are different as well as veggies but this is about what I do everyday.

Pre-workout: 1 tbsp Almond butter

Post-workout: chicken

Breakfast- 5 eggs cooked in coconut oil, half cup veggie, and 1/2 avocado


3 eggs cooked in coconut oil, palm size serving of meat, cup broccoli

Lunch - Two palm size servings protein, 2 cups of some veggie.. usually broccoli

Dinner- 1-2 palm size sevings protein normally, Veggie and half-whole sweet potato

Most food is cooked in coconut oil/olive oil.

Just started whole 30, came from already being paleo. Had to give up protein shakes, fruit, honey and sneak added sugars.

Stats: 20 years old, 164 pounds, trying to gain muscle mass, still @ around 13%bf... Goal is below 8%.

Crossfit as my workout. 3 days a week I will also through in a lifting session in the afternoon.

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Hi Austin,

How do you feel?

I know everything is an adjustment, but according to ISWF your Pre-WO meal should be half a serving of meat, and an optional half serving of fat. Since almond butter is on the "limit" section of the fats (see http://whole9life.com/itstartswithfood/ ISWF resources "Shopping List") you possibly should think about limiting your consumption of it to a couple days a week as suggested in ISWF. Then depending on your exehrtion level of your exercise incorporate a stachy vegetable with your Post-WO chicken.

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