MissMamey's First Whole 30 March 1-March 31


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Breakfast was scrumptious, I had an onion, mushroom, and avacado egg scrambler that kept me full until lunch time! I also made myself some chamomile, lavender, herbal tea and it was the perfect topper to my breakfast.

For lunch, I was planning on making some asparagus, and putting canned tuna in some fresh salad greens, and heirloom tomatoes, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing but when I went to get the tuna I read the lable (just to make sure) and it said that it contained soy in it. :angry: Good thing I checked. I ended up winging it and remembered that I had some smoked salmon in the fridge and wrapped that around my asparagus, and just ate the other half of my avacado from breakfast and a handfull of baby heirloom tomatoes. I think it turned out better than my original lunch idea!

I have a feeling that lunches are going to be hard from me. It is Lent, and we follow the old rules (Only 3 meals a day with no snacking in between. Monday-Thursday, and Saturday you are only allowed meat once a day, Friday is no meat at all, and Sundays are a break from the diet rules....side not, fish and seafood are not considered meat). I am kind of worried about how to get my protein allotment. Are eggs and fish going to be enough?

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If you can eat red meat once per day except Fridays and eggs and fish freely on other days, you can experience a good Whole30. I would encourage you to go for a variety of fish, shellfish, squid, crab, etc.

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I am on Day 6 and going strong. I am enjoying finding new recipes to try out. Meals are definitely not boring anymore. I have found a new favorite vegetable....brussel sprouts :) I have made some homemade mayo and some homemade ghee and then made a bonebroth. I feel like I have more energy and the bloating I had been experiencing has now all but gone away. I have already had people telling me I look thinner and my clothes feel looser on me. Tell me again, why I didn't start this sooner, lol?

The only "complaint" that I would say I had is the amount of time I am in the kitchen. It seems like everytime that am finished cooking something and clean up the mess, it is time to go back and cook again. Next week I am really going to work on prep work to minimize the amount of time I need to be in the kitchen.

Very little cravings. I have had some dreams about food, and if I hear someone talk about a dessert, my body tries to tell me that I NEED it, but it has not been an overwhelming feeling, which I am glad about, and I have been able to ignore.

I am very confident about my outcome and that I will have no slip ups! The healthier feeling is motivation enough!

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