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Fat, Tired, Depressed Mommy NO MORE!


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I am a 36 year old mom of 3. I just had my last baby 4 months ago. I work full-time and manage a full-time household. Ever since I've had kids, I just haven't felt completely right. I knew I wasn't eating GREAT but it wasn't like I was going nuts. My energy was sub par, my work outs were painful and exhausting, my body fat % was at record highs and I had gained 40lbs with my 3rd. 3 months after my sons birth I hadn't lost 1 OUNCE, I was calorie restricting, watching my sugar intake, working out everyday and I hadn't felt worse in years.

Rewind 3 months at my maternity photo shoot and my photograper (whom I've known for several years now as she has photographed all my kids) looked majestic. She was thiner than usual but in the perfect way, her hair was shiny and long, her skin was glowing and she seemed unusually happy. I asked her "what are you doing, what has changed in your life?!?!" and she revealed to me....WHOLE30. I listened but didn't run out the door and buy It Starts With Food...however, the seed had been planted.

So fast forward to post partum misery. A week before my 3rds 3 month birthday, I was fat, tired, depressed and hopeless. Again, no weight loss since the day of his birth. I couldn't fit in to anything but sweats and leggings. I wasn't sleeping even when I had an hour or two to catch some zzzz's, and my stomach rumbled and tumbled constantly. Something had to change. Enter WHOLE30.

I remembered what my friend had told me, I called her for lunch. We went to lunch on January 26th and on Feb.1 I started my first WHOLE30.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS!!! It is simply miraculous. I feel like the food demons I've been fighting for years are completely disappearing....I am a type A lawyer personality and always felt I had good will power...except for when it came to food. Before WHOLE30 I thought I was just weak. Now I know that because of my food choices I was battling a lot more than just mind over matter!!! It is the 29th day and I can honestly say I feel completely different about my relationship with food....let's put it this way, we've been separated just long enough for me to let go and move on. I am sure I will make less healthy choices in the future but at least now I know who to call when I've let those old vices creep back into my life: WHOLE30!

I have lost 15 lbs in 29 days, I am sleeping harder than I have slept in 10 years (when my newborn lets me sleep :), I am a new kind of superwoman at work and at the gym, and I feel a constant desire to shout to the world: you do not have to live this way anymore!! WHOLE30 BABY!!!

I am so onboard with the Paleo philosophy that my husband/restaurant owner husband has agreed to open a Paleo focused restaurant for me and my inspiration (my photograper friend) to run and also use as a vehicle to shout out loud the good food word!

Thank you Melissa and Dallas! Keep up your world changing efforts!

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