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Wen's 2nd Whole 30


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Soooo it's been 9 days since I ended my 1st whole30 and with the exception of pizza once and wine a few times stayed pretty compliant. But, was able to talk my husband into doing one so I told him we would do it together.

So day one:

Breakfast casserole: sausage ground beef, peppers red and green, onion, garlic, eggs and spinach


Lunch: leftover Nom Nom Paleo's slow cooker chicken and gravy so good and so easy! I added a heaping amount of broccoli.

Dinner: finally tried Well Fed's chocolate chili but, due to cocoa (huge migraine trigger) not agreeing with me I skipped that part. Melissa mentioned to add some chipotle pepper but, couldn't find it so used some taco seasoning from Penzey's. Turned out awesome! Put it on a small sweet potato with onion, jalepenos and avocado.


My husband added some nuts and a banana but, this was most likely his first day EVER with no sugar!

One done 29 more to go:)

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Day 2


Breakfast: leftover breakfast casserole

Lunch: nothing was still full or just too busy

Dinner: tritip, salad, and guacamole

Some blueberries and blackberries

Husband had lunch of Kailua pork and pinch but, should have ate more for lunch was very hungry so had a banana and nuts.

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Day 3 cooking day!!!!

So planned out the menus gathered the recipes and got all the ingredients. Got most of the food at my store but, a friend picked up some produce at a 'market on the move,'


Didn't do a lot with it today but, I will!

First off breakfast eggs loaded with veggies with some Penzey's sunny Paris seasoning. Have you ever tried it? So good! On everything!

Oh and some compliant bacon.


Homemade salsa also:)

So I prepped taco meat, breakfast casserole, cut up peppers, onions, garlic, leeks for Nom, nom Paleo's chicken and gravy, and made the new Well Fed recipe: old school Italian meatballs and sauce! Was so excited to try it!

Here are ome pics of 'stuff!'

th_E9421CCA-1C08-4260-903F-3CF4BD1C7A96-480-0000004868B0BC62_zps4b006322.jpg meatballs

th_385FF849-3472-4510-8A27-517385973677-480-00000048663ADDAB_zps374dda41.jpg sauce it was boiling so it looks all blurry!



After all that dinner of tri tip and salad


All in all I feel way better prepared!! All food packed and tomorrow set!

Did splurge and got myself a Breville tea maker! It's the bomb! I can make it auto set up for the am and it does all the work of temp and steep time.

However, husband had a 'rough' day! Wanted to know when the bad feelings end. I hope he can keep going! He needs it and will feel so awesome.

Well off day 4!

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Day 4

Just quickly:

Breakfast casserole/hot sauce

Lunch: leftover chicken and gravy, part of a sweet potato and broccoli

Dinner: well fed old school meatballs and sauce with zucchini noodles


Went by pretty easy for me husband was miserable kept sending me sad texts of desperation.

Day 5

Breakfast: more casserole!

Lunch: leftover sauce and meatballs with spinach

Sumo mandarin- yum!

Dinner: made nom nom paleo Kalua pork on sweet potato with onion, jalepenos, salsa, and avocado. Never would I thought it all went together, but it was so good! Husband loved it, but he thought maybe he was just really hungry I sad its because he finally is finding out what good really tastes like!


And last tea:


Love my new tea maker:)

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Day 6:

B: casserole so easy to make one day breakfast for days!! I like salsa for mine.

L: leftovers!!! I had pork and yams husband had chili and yams.

D: I had a 'crazy' day at work and forgot to do te slow cooker chicken. But, as I was talking to a friend about the whole30 he mentioned kabobs and voila! Dinner idea, and man was it good!


Made chicken as well but, they went to fast to snap! So good with Penzey's BBQ spice! I am sooooo glad I heard about Penzey's and have one in town! It's not close, but it is in town.


B- had to take my baby furry boy to the Vet for teeth cleaning so ended up shopping at whole foods for a few things. ( not close to where I live, but, the only place I can find some needed things) I splurged on cashew butter, yum! And a Lara bar. wF is the only place I can find compliant broth. On a tangent should have enough bones for bone broth this weekend so excited for that!

L: leftover kabobs!! Still so good definitely going to be a repetitive meal.

D: put the slow cooker chicken and gravy on (from Nom Nom paleo if you haven't tried it is soooo good!) added asparagus had some blackberries later and some acai green tea.

On a great milestone note hubby ate lunch on his own and survived!!! Seven days gone I think he is getting it!

I worked out finally! Hope I can keep it up.

Here is my sad Maxipoo not feeling well:


Hope he is better tommorow still sleeping on my leg right now.


Had this it was ok. Pellegrino with lime much better.

Have you seen or tried these?:


You must! Yummmmmm

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Day 8

B: breakfast casserole

L: leftover chicken and gravy with spinach

D: hamburgers and guacomole with yams.


Day 9:


Egg, tritip, spinach and onion

L: leftover kabobs

D: nom nom Korean short ribs and spinach

Seems as though all current pics fail from photo bucket! Darn!

Off to Day 10!

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Holy crap it's 3/21 and I haven't posted jack! Have I gone off road and given up? Heck no! Work bites!!!! And it's all I can do to keep up work, family, cooking, and cleaning. That's one thing everyone should know about the Whole30 you cook and clean A LOT! My hubby still hasn't thanked me and said how perfect and awesome I am to make him do this so he is losing weight and halving his BP meds, but if he doesn't soon I making him eat bread!!!! I still haven't off roaded myself and don't care to! Don't miss anything. Easter we will both end this Whole 30 he wants biscuits so I will make them.but, the rest I'm going Whole 30 ish ? Maybe done sugar on the ham, but I am not a ham fan. I'd rather splurge on creamed corn and rolls. But who knows?

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