3 items/recipes cannot locate!

Jenn B

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I cannot remember much less locate the following:

An Australian women posted recipe(s) with a tomato product that apparently is not cooked (unlike our american tomato paste) I am interested in how to use it, and the name of it so I can locate it in my area.

There is a compliant asian sauce that goes well with fish. Think "phuc" is in the name. Not really sure.

Someone posted in the athletic section a homemade concoction using dates (or figs) wrapped with something- for longer more intense activities, such as really long bike rides (I am willing to give up my Cliff gels and bars (would probably go into major DD, but will need something to replace it with!)

Thanks if you can provide details for any of the above.

And, though I can always access the forum, does the ability to post end when the 30 days ends?

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Can't help with the other two but, of course, you're welcome to post after your W30. There's a whole section at the bottom Life after W30 plus it can be very helpful for newcomers to get advice from those who've already done it. We'd love to have you go on posting.

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Hi Jen, I think I may have found your dates for you

Brad posted In that race, I was fueling with water, and "date bombs" which were my own invention, and are totally whole 30 compatible. They are basically dates, stuffed with a dough made of nut butter (almond, hazelnut, macadamia nut, or postachio) and protein power (hemp or pumpkin).

Is that what you were looking for?

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