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Post-Whole30, Joint Pain, Next Steps?

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Hi all, sorry I've been somewhat absent from the forums of late. Life has gotten quite busy, and I've been experimenting with off-roading (pretty faileo, but not /too/ bad), and I feel sheepish about my near-daily chocolate consumption (only a little bit...usually!). :P

Anyway, I'm hoping y'all could weigh in on what I ought next. Here's the deal:

  1. I have hypermobile joints, meaning some parts of me are more flexible than they should be, and therefore am prone to hurting myself. I've had chronic neck pain as long as I can remember, and for about 4 years my left shoulder has been cracking and popping and aching something fierce. I probably could use to improve my posture. A few months ago, after many years of being really careful, I started strength training and it has helped quite a bit! But I'm not pain-free, not by a long shot.
  2. I've developed an egg sensitivity. The kicker is that one egg is fine, but two or more and I'm doubled over in pain for an hour or three. It sucks. I need to cut them out for a while, but they've become such a staple that I find myself unconsciously cooking them up or using them in a recipe and then smacking my forehead. I know, it's weird. My brother found it hilarious that I am "allergic to two or more eggs." Bah!
  3. I completed a Whole30 in January, and waited over 50 days to reintroduce wheat. After a few days of modest servings of spelt bread and pasta, I suddenly noticed my hip pop when I walked. My knees cracked when I squatted down. This used to be normal, but hadn't happened in weeks! And my shoulder and neck hurt more than ever. I took a week off, recovered, and then "got glutened" again. Same thing. Wheat seriously inflames my joints.
  4. That said, I'm still in pain. So, my question is, should I try the autoimmune protocol? I mean, I need to hold off on eggs and nightshades are correlated with joint pain. I don't really understand autoimmune conditions. Could this be one...?

So, I think I should try eliminating nightshades and eggs, at least. And although I've been enjoying the occasional white rice and gluten-free baked good, I probably should try another Whole30, just to keep things under control. What do you think? Have you ever experimented with eliminating nightshades? Hopefully someone will come along and help me sort out my thoughts. Thanks!!

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You may need to live without wheat for a lot longer than 30 days to experience all the improvements you might gain in your joints. Removing sources of inflammation is one part of the solution. Your joints adjusting to "improved" conditions is another part and that can take time.

It sure sounds like you would benefit from eliminating eggs for a while. I am not sure that eliminating nightshades would help. I would probably do another Whole30 without eggs and postpone eliminating nightshades unless you can identify them as a problem as you have with eggs.

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