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I'm so full all the time - Am I eating too much?

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I guess it's good because it has kept me from wanting to snack (well I had one today), but now I'm wondering if I'm just eating too much for me.

I'm on day 3 and at least being full means I'm not craving my unhealthy foods, but I don't want to GAIN weight either.

Here's what I had today as an example:


Omelet (2 eggs, handful of spinach, 3 mushrooms, 1/4 of bell red pepper, all sauteed first in ghee)

3 slices of bacon


1 cup of canned chicken breast with celery drizzed with my messed up mayo recipe (that was olive oil, 2 eggs, lemon juice, coconut oil)

cup of baby carrots


I wasn't starving, but yes wanted something sweet.

1 medium apple

2 TBLS of almond butter


Too full to eat much but I made a beef/sweet potato stew (tomato based). I had 1 cup's worth of that.

Sitting here feeling like I have a rock in my stomach. Just so full.

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I have trouble as long as 12 days with all kinds of belly issues. At first, I couldn't get enough in to stay full. I made sure my snacks were never sweet, though, so that I could get away from them quickly. I primarily stuck with the most desirable eating fats on the list. Olives were my friend in the first few days as I adjusted to what to eat and started teaching my body to eat bigger meals.

As my ability to tolerate larger meals grew, I started feeling really puffed up shortly after meals and through the next meal. I added kombucha and Natural Calm and looked at some ingredients that were common to my meals when I was feeling like I might deliver twins in a few months. I eliminated a few fats that bothered me and my single prune at lunch.

Day 14 is here and I feel great. Three big satisfying meals are totally getting the job done and I couldn't be happier. I couldn't tell you exactly how much beef, sweet potato, asparagus, coconut oil, olive oil, or salad I had at lunch. I had Golidlocks serving - it was just right. Oh, and my husband and I are definitely noticing changes in our bodies already.

Trust the process and follow the meal template. I was told to try 4 smaller meals to avoid snacking and that might work for you. Whatever you do, try to stick with protein, veggie, and fat every time you eat. You can still enjoy fruits, but try to have them with a full meal and have them sparingly. In a week or so, your body will be able to tell you when you've had enough, but it does feel very strange at first.

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What you are eating sounds like it is within meal template guidelines. http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

If you are feeling overly full, it may be that you are having digestion problems. You might want to try taking Now Foods Super Enzymes with meals for a while and see if that helps. Some people have trouble digesting all the protein and fat in a Whole30 diet. Digestive enzymes can lend support while your body adjusts.

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