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whole 30, take two (leading up to half marathon)


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i started a log on here a few months ago, made it to probably around day 20, then, well...completely fell off the wagon. my performance in workouts, which had been getting better/stronger, dropped off.

anyway, i'm back, started this monday (6/18) and have a half marathon in mid-july that i'm planning to do the whole30 up until. (i think it will actually be 28 days, because i'm definitely having wine and chocolate after the half marathon...but no other significant off-roading immediately after.)

and i also have a weird shoulder issue from a few weeks ago after a week of many burpees, OHS and snatches. (so i basically haven't been able to do any actual crossfit workout since then. just running. it's killing me.)

monday: workout with lunges and squats; shoulder hurt

breakfast - chicken, sweet potato

lunch - almond-encrusted chicken with salad and avacado

dinner - i think more chicken and veggies

tuesday: no workout

breakfast - chicken, banana

lunch - salad with ground chicken and some fruit

snack - almonds, larabar, plumcot (i actually just realized i have no idea if plumcots are paleo but i think plums and apricots are, so they should be?)

dinner - curry chicken with veggies

*i was starving ALL day on tuesday. i know i need to have protein on hand, but just haven't had time to prepare any to be able to bring it with.


breakfast - chicken, banana

snack - larabar (i need to cut these out)

lunch cfe running workout

*still so hungry today (which is why i ate the larabar). i think i need to cut fruit out entirely and switch over to veggies. i don't even remember being this hungry for 24 hours. also realllly tired and i can't decide if i'm actually getting sick or if it's just a weird blah-ness from switching back to completely paleo.

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Your hunger suggests you are not eating enough. You probably need to increase your protein and fat intake markedly. Also, chicken tends to be lean. Personally, I am much more satisfied by eating beef than chicken.

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Thank you, great points. I usually don't eat chicken as the protein for literally all three meals (especially for more than one day in a row), not sure how it happened but I didn't even notice. I'll definitely try to switch it up. I actually had beef for lunch and I think I stayed satisfied longer..

lunch: fajita steaks with some veggies (green peppers, squash)

snack: pluot, carrots, hb egg

dinner: will likely be salmon with a sweet potato

ps making homemade jerky tonight. kind of excited. weird to be excited about jerky? perhaps. also ordering ISWF..and maybe a few extra copies to send to family. (maybe if i hand it to them they'll read it instead of just coming up with reasons they can't try paleo? maybe.)

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wow - I thought my 10k goal was big stuff - a half marathon is tough stuff!! DH is in training for the Air Force Marathon in September....he's unofficially doing Whole 30 (since I do the cooking and I cook what I can eat, LOL) but I do make sure to give him more starchy veg than I eat myself! He has also found that avocado is a real power food for his runs - full of carbs and healthy fats!

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10K is big stuff :) I actually used to run a lot, like I would just go and run 12-13 miles every other day for fun. But then I stopped. And a few months ago (after over a year off from running probably), I "ran" a 5K..by ran, I really mean I mostly walked, with spurts of jogging. It's so crazy how tough it is to get back into shape, ugh!

A 10K goal is a great one though, I bet soon you'll be wanting to run a half marathon or full!

I have a confession, I don't love avocado. If it's sliced up in a salad, I will eat it (in the same bite as lettuce, or chicken, or whatever), but I have trouble eating it on its own. I've actually brought an avocado to work every day for the last week, hoping to eat it with my lunch or with protein as a snack later in the day, but I never eat it. I think I'm somehow afraid of it, I have no idea. (Maybe if I slice it up instead of just bringing the whole avocado?)

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breakfast - chicken, banana

lunch - ham/turkey plus paleo coleslaw. and a whole avocado. tiny bit of almond butter.

seriously, i just ate an entire avocado with lunch. i don't know if maybe i just don't know what hunger is, but i'm hungry already..even though an entire avocado was with my lunch. (and it was only an hour ago.) when i was finished eating, i still didn't feel full. i think there just might not have been enough protein...but certainly enough fat i would think!

snack later will be homemade jerky with a pluot.

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definitely forgot to log stuff this weekend, but had this amazingness last night for dinner, with a few modifications:



breakfast - applegate farms sausages, some cherries

snack - larabar (i know)

lunch - chicken burger, salad w tomatoes

need to make more jerky tonight for snacks/emergencies!

i'm feeling fine, just wish this shoulder problem would go away. this weekend ti was my neck, not my shoulder, and it hurt if i put pressure on it in certain positions, and with breathing in deeply. aka i couldn't even run without being in pain, so i didn't run or work out at all. (last workout was last wednesday, a run, when the neck pain/breathing stuff started.) now the pain's back in my shoulder/neck area but a constant ache rather than a pain when breathing. ugh.

also, found coconut oil and coconut vinegar (no idea how to use it yet) at vitamin shoppe, for anyone searching.

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