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Finally, Nanette's Post Whole60


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It was and is "very tasty" Terez, to quote my friend Derval.

Today I ate:

BP coffee

Herbal tea

Cutie tangerine

Fresh vegetable salad with green olives

Crockpot pulled pork w/barbecue sauce and roast redskin potato

Spaghetti sauce over NoOodles

Romaine salad w/cukes, red onion, tomatoes and avocado

The last couple of mornings I've been waking up at 4am. I luv all the energy I'm experiencing, getting concerned about 7 hours of sleep I'm getting these days. I guess if I'm feeling good, I don't need to try to fix what isn't broken, right?

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Day 6

I woke up really early this morning, again. The good news, I'm not tired. We're switching to DLS tonight, yep, we're pushing the clock ahead an hour and losing an hour. I usually end up getting really tired for the first week or so after the change . . . .this should be interesting.


Look at the foamy head on that Bulletproof coffee. I did not use butter yet either. This is after 20 minutes of sitting and sipping too! Last week I bit the bullet and bought some Aroy-D coconut milk. It is amazing. It makes the best ever coconut cream when I let a carton sit in the refrigerator overnight, and it foams up like crazy in my little "frother". The Frog? - just one of our favorite things to look at - a gift from a friend who also likes the occasional odd objet d'art (spelling?) He makes us smile. . . . .

Another workout day today. I love kettle bells! It's a good day for a walk too - we're going up to 48 degrees today - we're having a heat wave . . .

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Took a long walk today and had a coffee at our local coffee shop. They make fun of me cause I bring my own coconut cream hahaha.

I daydreamed about our farmers market opening up, can't wait to wander around and sample the strawberries, they're smaller and way sweeter than the gigantic red blobs at the supermarket.

Threw around some kettle bells this morning. The best news, I used to get really tired a couple of hours after I worked out, now I turn into the energizer bunny. It's hilarious. After my walk I came home and cleaned out drawers in my office, did the dishes and laundry, cleaned out the fridge-beyond crazy.

We decided to go to our fave restaurant tonight. Pics tomorrow.

Today I ate:

BP coffee

Herbal tea

Cutie tangerines

Small coffee with coconut cream

Crockpot creamy chicken & tomato soup

Fresh vegetable salad with green olives

Salad with berries and diced apples lemon vinaigrette

Pistachio crusted salmon

Sweet potato mash

Swiss chard braised in coconut milk

I'm stuffed! Have a take out to heat up for brekie tomorrow morning.

Happy daylight savings time to all my Midwest buds on this side of the pond ;)

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8544966112_c946c058b8_m.jpg Now that's what I'm talking about! Look at the head of foam on that coffee - nice, right?


My dh and I just love this restaurant. All whole30 compliant - salmon with pistachios, swiss chard in coconut milk, whipped sweet potato made with a little coconut milk and broth - I want to take the chef home and plant him permanently in my kitchen :P

Picking up the meat today - it's always good to see our farmers. They've taken on some new "staff" at the farm. A young couple with a couple of children who are interested in taking over the farm when the owners retire. That makes me very happy.

My sleep patterns are still screwed up. This started before DST. Maybe I just need less sleep, I don't know what's going on. I wake up, bam right at 4:30 or 5am every morning. No more sleeping in. We'll see how my energy levels are today.

Making some bone broth soup with some beef bone marrow bones today and our fave meatloaf. Excited about trying some new beef sausage I got from the Three Cowgirls last Saturday, all GF and GFinished.

Time to give my body a rest - I can feel my muscles recovering from the workout I gave them yesterday. The other thing I'm experiencing, WARNING TMIF - I'm having great evacuations in the morning and later in the day - I am def rating high on the fart o meter scale these days 8543906827_18096f85e1_m.jpg

Still taking enzymes and probiotics . . . . we'll see what my nutritional coach and expert has to say when I update her with the latest . . .

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DH and I decided to snuggle on the couch after I got home from running my errands and watch "Flight". I fixed a big salad and he grilled some GF brats. No, I didn't get everything done today I wanted to get done, but had a great time doing what I did ;).

Today I ate

BP coffee

Herbal tea

Lots of water again today

Pistachio crusted salmon, mashed sweet potato, Swiss chard (from last night's dinner)

GF beef brats

BA salad

Blackberries and coconut cream

don't have to be to work until 11am tomorrow. Really tired tonight . . .

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Day 8

My sleep pattern is really screwed up! I keep waking up at 4:00am. Add the time change in and I'm losing a couple of hours of sleep a night. No wonder I was dragging my tail all day at work today.

I popped a meatloaf into the crockpot this morning before I left for work. My dh finished up the liver in the fridge (no liver pate for us :angry: ). He made up for it by grilling some white fish - really tasty. . . .

Today I ate:

BP coffee

Herbal tea

GF beef bratwurst

BA Salad

baked red skin potato

Grilled white fish

brussel sprouts

frozen cherries w/coconut cream

So, potatoes and me - we're doing just fine :D , they go well with a BA salad.


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BA stands for Big Ass (oops, did I just say that?) It is REALLY good!

Day 9 and I ate:

Wasn't really hungry yesterday - guess I just lost interest in food - I am really hungry this morning though and plan to make up for it today!

BP coffee

Herbal Tea


Brussel Sprouts



GF Beef Bratwurst

Day 10

It's up to Kenosha today. I worked all day yesterday - unusual for a Tuesday - so I'm going to see Sally today. The last time I visited her we got into a "spat" about food - she is really having a tough time with cooking, she just can't see anymore. Add to that, she isn't open for suggestions - so she eats easy to grab foods and most of them from the Bakery aisle of the grocery store.

Sometimes we just have to love them enough - and that's enough, right?

I'm packing my meatloaf and a green smoothie today - I know weird combination but it's what I'm hungry for. Thought I'd try a pear, avocado, lime, spinach combo with a splash of coconut milk and filtered water. . . . .I love smoothies with bananas but I find myself getting hungry an hour so after consuming one.

According to my "expert nutritionist", it's going to take a while for my digestive tract to get on board with some of the changes going on. She's really pleased with my p**p report and isn't at all concerned about the farting (which as subsided lately). As far as my sleep patterns go - it isn't unusual to have some interrupted sleep after being on such a heavy protocol for H.pylori - the immune system was working overtime to get rid of it which can cause fatigue - we're going to see what happens in the next week. The last 2 nights I've slept about 8 hours at 97% efficiency.

It used to be when I'd exercise, I'd get really tired and feel like I was in a fog after a couple of hours. Now, it's the opposite. I exercise (30 minutes of HIIT or Tabata with Kbs) and a couple of hours later I have more energy! Cant wait to get my DHEA tested to see how my hormones are doing.

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Day 11

Felt yucky when I got up this morning, headaches, brain fog. Looked back over my food journal, the only new food I've added is red skin potatoes. Really? I did have some problems with my green smoothie, never had THAT kind of "evacuation" from a smoothie befor and I used to drink them daily with all kinds of different greens . . .

Today I ate:

BP coffee

Black Tea

Meatloaf (finally gone :-/)

Green beans

Avocado, pear, cilantro and romaine salad (lemony vinaigrette dressing)


I really can't wait for spring, strawberries, champagne mangos, asparagus . . .I have this really delicious, easy-peasy recipe for fresh mangos, avocado, cilantro and lemony vinaigrette . . .I used to eat it almost every day. Guess I'm pretty boring, tend to eat the same things a lot;-).

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Wow, I wonder if it's the potatoes. I was wondering why they weren't allowed...

Ooh, do you have a link for the mango with vinaigrette? Sounds really good!

If I don't have the link anymore - I'll email you the recipe. It's really good!

Day 12

Big day today, I'm taking the plunge and trying eggs again. I miss omelets and egg muffins and poached eggs soooooo much!


I started out with lots of veggies, onions, red peppers, broccoli and some chopped up bacon sautéed in a little coconut oil. Then I added 5 eggs with a dollop of coconut milk (left in the fridge it's like a big blob of whipped cream :rolleyes:).


In the end - a big old frittata , I like mine with a little salsa, dh likes his plain . . .


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Wow, my frittata never looks so perfect.

Whoa Nadia, I'm totally Verklempt! 8561561923_3f8d86b33a_m.jpg

I mean Thank You so much :wub: . . . .you can tell I worked really hard on that, right?

Frittata looks yummmyyyy....I love salsa on my eggs too! Good luck, hope you feel well today!

I feel really good today :) So good to know someone else enjoys a little spicy sauce on their eggs! I used an older program to record the mango avocado salad so I'll email it to you. Here's what it looks though . . .


Yesterday I ate:

BP coffee

Herebal Tea

Lemon Water

Veggie Frittata

GR Beef Hotdogs

BA Salad

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Day 13

My coffee grinder pooped out on me today :angry: . The good news, I seem to be fine with the whole egg thing so far. It's only been a day, so I'm going to give it another 24 hours before having some more, provided I still feel as good as I feel today. Jury's out on the whole potato thing . . . .sweet potatoes never bother me!

On the agenda, shopping for a new coffee grinder. Hopefully I can find a simple one that isn't real expensive.

Does anyone have one of those electric pressure cookers? NomNom featured the Instant Pot on a blog post recently with a link to it here. Looks like a real time saver - something I could sure use on the days I'm working and either forget or don't have enough spare time to fill up my crockpot.

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Today I ate:

GT beef hot dogs

green beans


cutie tangerines

BA Salad w/ avocado

Green Apple w/sunbutter

We have a new coffee grinder - super cooper grinder with different speeds and, and, and, a new milk frother


It doesn't take up a lot of space, the cool part, it has a little timer and setting from coarse grind, to medium, fine and extra fine.

8563924778_d5ae1fc9be_m.jpg I am a Bulletproof Coffee FREAKaholic!!!!

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Day 14

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Long arse day today. Seemed like the harder I tried the further behind I got. Had way too much fun with our new coffee grinder this morning. It's true that burr grinders give a more insistent grind, my little Aeropress put out the best mug of frothy java ever this morning ;).

We decided last minute to go out to dinner at our fave place - soooooo good tonight. I have pics, but not on my laptop tonight. Tomorrow.

Tried boxty for the first time ever. Whoa, very tasty ;). It was one of the sides for St. Pats Day at Adelle's, with glazed duck breast and cabbage, carrots and spring onions.

Today I ate:

BP coffee

Irish Morning Tea

Apple and sunbutter


Golden and yellow beet and arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Glazed duck breast


Cabbage, carrot and green onion sauté

Decaf coffee

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Day 15 looked like this:


Orange Glazed Duck Breast, Potato Boxty, & Carrot, Cabbage and Onion Saute


First course, this is the BOMB! diced red and golden beets, topped with fresh arugula and chopped pistachios with a balsamic vinaigrette.

It's 8:38am CST and I am still totally satisfied, not hungry at all. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I love Monday's when I don't have to go in to work. Have some new recipes I've been wanting to try including:

Coconutty Kale (thank you very much Nadia)

the rest came from this book:

8567825311_cabd69cfe7_m.jpg It's Weeknight Paleo by Amber Beam and I plan to make:

French Chicken Salad (on the cover of the book)

Chicken in a Tarragon-Mustard Sauce

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin

Wild Mushroom Sautee

Crunchy Radish and Pepitas Salad with Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette

Here's to staying JAZZED enough to make them all this week. . . .

*I bought the pdf form of Amber's book a while back, it's now in paperback on Amazon here.

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I have cooked a whole duck before but it's a pita to carve & the meat to effort ratio is poor imo.

Better to buy a prepared duck breast and use that.

I am a sucker for this Irishmade prouduct when not on W30,


lots of recipes on their site


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