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New member and starting today, 4th of march


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Hi everyone!

My name is Anna and I'm from Sweden (so excuse my poor spelling). I've been paleo for about 19 month's and loving it. I've also lost a total of 23 kilos (about 51lbs, is that right?) I hade lost more, 28 kg, but gained 5 kg again after christmas.. Bad... So I felt it was time to reeboot again. I looked at 21detox, but I felt this was better. It seems fruit is my problem... I think I could live on fruit alone. :)

I started reading the book, It starts with food, but I'm not done yet, but that's ok, this is my lifestyle anyway, so I just want to learn more. Today I start my W30, and I plan to do this ones a year from no on.

This forum is so great! The paleomovement is growing in Sweden too, but so far theres not so much to read in swedish. A new forum started today, so it's a lot of fun to be a part of it. I even have a blog of my own, but in swedish, if anyone can read it. :)http://i-ur-och-skur.blogspot.se/

I'm really looking forward to being a part of W30! Thank you for having me. :)

Regards, Anna

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