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I don't think any of the Applegate Farms products are kosher. I think unless you order from the websites people link to all the time on this site that you can't have processed meats at all on Whole30. I ate some nuts yesterday and they said cooked in vegetable oil. I didn't even think to check because same brand as I used last time which were cool but I guess I need dry roasted. But I'm not starting over just moving forward as we have plans to go out of town in April and so I have an end date. But I'm hitting Trader Joes today for nuts!

I love St. Patricks Day but we didn't do anything this year. Boo. :(

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Day 15

I got a lot of sleep the last couple nights. I don't feel half dead anymore.

#1: coffee/cm. meat and spinach muffin. yep. I grabbed one out of the freezer.

#2: sardines, 1 egg, sweet potato, 2 (yes two) Larabars. My sugar dragon is like my 3rd teenager, sneaking around, finding loophole, rationalizing when caught. This loophole? "Oh, lets see what happens if I take 5 digestive enzyme capsules (after reading Robb Wolf); if it helps with 2 Larabars, I'll know for sure it's working." I'm out of Larabars and not buying any more. I cannot be trusted with them.

#3: a plate full of veggies (kale and cauliflower cooked in ghee, sweet potato, beets, avocado) 1 chicken sausage (compliant, I read the label 3 times), Trader Joe's, marinara (compliant, I read the label at least 3 times).

Went to a bake sale/fundraiser today in the cafeteria. There were a whole lot of baked goods, and dollar a minute chair massages (which I coulda used, but alas, no time) and $10 bags of organic fruit (oranges, blood oranges, grapefruit, kumquats, lemons, and avocados. someone must have trees) so I bought one of those, and it all looks gorgeous in a big glass bowl on the table.

It's 9:10 and I'm going to bed soon. Goodnight!

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It's later.

Days 16 and 17, it's all a big blur.

Let's see... yesterday:

#1 I panfried up some beef sausages and had those and an egg. Something green? or a sweet potato? Could be.

#2 I cannot remember...

#3 Made Well Fed's chicken something, (damn fine or best chicken... the brined chicken breasts...) anyway... delicious. Plus kale and sweet potato.

overnight at work...

around 2am I had a couple chicken/garlic/art heart sausages and more kale and some carrots.

leftover beef and chicken in homemade mayo (didn't come out as well as last time), more chicken laster in the day. Note the absence of veggies. had a ton overnight, but none today.

It was a terrible night. Some very scary and unexpected things happened just before I was to leave. I had to run home, get my son to school, and then tie up loose ends. That took me till almost noon, and then I was able to crash for about 4.5 hours. Then up, and to a school open house. And now here I sit trying to remember what I ate the last 2 days and deciding what to eat now.

It was all compliant, whatever it was and I did resist the temptation to "have just one" of the many sugary options that seemed to lurk around every corner last night, preying on my stress. The bastard.

We were going to go camping tomorrow morning, but with my night last night, my big project, and lots to do around the house and garden, we've decided to defer that trip for a couple weeks.

Tomorrow will be better.

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Day 18

I'm gonna log stuff as I write, lest I forget. Because, well... I forget.

Meal 1 fail: woke up 7:15 just to transport kids to school (because it's my day off!!!), nuked a beef sausage slider (the last one from US Wellness Meats, so handy to have some cooked in the fridge. I'll either order more or make my own, cheaper!)

Anyway, nibbling on one as I got in the car, and my daughter looks at it and asks if I had anymore, so I just gave it to her. She has a biology test this morning; I consider my sacrifice an investment in her future.

So, 2 nibbles of a sausage slider.

Back home and back to bed! :rolleyes: Listen, people, I'm a midwife. I grab sleep when I can get it.

Meal 1 really 11:30- 2 eggs (really big ones from my hen who lays whoppers) scrambled in coconut oil with the never-ending kale and sweet potatoes, with heirloom tomatoes, handful of strawberries, handful of walnuts, spoonful of coconut butter, and coffee with cm.

Plan today: project (check. due in a week :o ), garden (check. my carrots are coming up!), clean (check. a little), putter (check. lots), swing my bell (ummmm, noooo. but! gardening and yard clean-up was more physical and took longer than I anticipated. did I say my carrots are coming up?! :D), etc

Meal 2 3:00pm- tuna with mayo and avo in pure wraps (x 2), carrots, beets

Meal 3- it's 8:40 and I'm just a little hungry. I think I'll nuke a spinach meat muffin and call it a day.

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Are the sliders the beef bacon you ordered by mistake (versus pork?) I meant to check for breakfast sausage stuff today at the food coop where they have local meat. Ugh.

My youngest daughter ate my eggs again this morning. Sigh. I had time to make more at least.

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Day 19

Another day of blissful sleeping in. I woke up at 6:30am, got up to let the chickens out of their coop, and went back to bed, even though I felt pretty awake. Finally got up at about 9:30.

Meal 1, 10am- 2 eggs scrambled in ghee with the last of the beets, sweet potato and kale. Handful of walnuts. An orange. Coffee with cm.

Meal 2, 2:30pm: carrots and almond butter (abt 2 Tbsp, which probably means 3 Tbsp), teeny bowl of shredded coconut, cacao nibs and apple sauce.

Meal 3, 8pm: Salmon (Well Fed inspired), , stir fried carrots, cabbage and broccoli; bowl of cherries and coconut milk

Hmmm, veering off into sweetland. Gotta be careful.

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Woke up at 7am, sposta be at work at 7:30. Yikes! (Forgot to press "save" on my phone alarm. Doh!)

So scramble scramble rush rush, got to work 10 min late, but managed to pack food and brew coffee :D.

Hit the ground running and didn't really stop all day, but I managed to sit down for two solid meals:

Meal 1: 10am 1.5 spinach meat muffins, a blob of mayo, carrots

Meal 2: 3pm leftover salmon, arugula with walnut oil and balsamic vinegar, sweet potato, blob of mayo, apple, a packet of coconut butter

'Meal' 3: almond butter and blueberries in a curry pure wrap, spoonful of coconut butter. Yea, not a real meal I know. But it's 10:45 pm, I just got home and I needed an easy snack before I conk out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Oh, and I got 2L of H20 in me at work. Always a feat!

Tomorrow I'm home most of the day, and will cook up a bunch of stuff. Need ready made available.

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Day 21

Cook-up no-go today. Less time than I thought.

Meal 1: 3 egg scrambled with sweet potato and arugula (we have so much arugula in the garden), coffee with cm, handful of blueberries.

Meal 2: out with my daughter at a deli that features organic and pastured local produce and meats: roast beef grilled with mushrooms, other veggies, and homemade mustard. I asked them to use olive oil; "Barnanas" dried bananas.

Meal 3: out again, with a large group from work. Olives and cucumbers, Mussels in a thai coconut milk broth. Had it during my 1st W30, same restaurant, and it's compliant as far as I could tell both times after questioning. Side of roasted cauliflower (evoo and salt). Sat next to a vegan; we shared the cauliflower :).

Nauseated and gassy after the meal. Maybe there was something non-compliant but, more likely, I'm thinking I ate too much. Drinking up the broth threw me over the edge. I haven't had that horrible overstuffed feeling while doing the W30, either time. Nor the overwhelming hunger. I am definitely experiencing that lovely self-regulation that comes with eating the right foods. Not tonight, though.

I have found that it's almost more stressful than it's worth to eat out during the W30. Even places that promote principals that align with many of W30's (both restaurants I ate at today fit this description) have all sorts of potentially non-compliant ingredients, even in dishes that appear to be okay.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my meals, I enjoyed the company, I was very careful and mindful of what and how I ordered, and I'm just gonna let go of the fact that, certainly, somewhere in there were some sneaky bads.

Clinic day tomorrow. I have enough leftovers and arugula to see me through, but I will have to go shopping Wednesday if I want to keep eating this week.

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I actually am amazed in general how much eating clean has made me not want to eat out anymore. I feel like I am wasting money and not getting what I want when I eat out.

I am real burnt out on the Whole 30 though. I am ready to just be 95% compliant for the rest of my life (well maybe do another Whole 30 every January).

I was reflecting though on what you were talking about with the hunger regulation. I also haven't had that overstuffed feeling much and that is so awesome. My go to has always been chicken breasts because I've always been 'trying to lose weight' but I've learned that I love the fat in the thighs, they are cheaper and I not only eat less but feel satiated.

It is snowing here (very unusual) so I feel like our garden is far off ;(

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Day 22

Meal 1 3 eggs cooked in ghee, coffee/cm

Meal 2 can tuna, 2 curry pure wraps, paclet coconut butter, apple

Meal 3 I'mmmm soooooo lazzzzzzy tonight. Something has to be in the freezer.

(had 2 spinach meat muffins, 1/2 a small sweet potato, mayo)

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Day 23

Farewell spinach-meat muffins :wub: . You have saved me on several occasions. I will make more of you.

(Had the last one for breakfast this morning.)

Slept 10 hours. Woke up at 11am, work overnight tonight.

Dreamt of cheese.

I will workout today because I have not been at all, and I am feeling it. I will return here to confirm. (Ha! Not.)

I will go shopping today because I am running out of food. (Ha! Not.)


Meal 1, 11:30- meat muffin, carrots, mayo, almond butter, coffee black. (....and I kept on nibbling: spoonful coconut butter, cacao nibs, applesauce, apple, spoonful shredded coconut, handful almonds. Jeepers!)

Meal 2 (so not) bowl of cherries

Meal 3 8pm Burger Lounge burger (no bun or cheese, of course) and veggie salad (no ricotta, picked around the corn) with smoked tomato vinaigrette and I'm thinking it wasn't really compliant. Hmmmm.

Thinking reintroduction... I will do so formally, as outlined in ISWF, after these 30 days. Then we'll see what's what.

I do know I plan to make nom nom's Mexican Chocolate Pots de Creme for my daughter's birthday in a couple weeks. That's as far as I've gotten.

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Day 24

2am HB egg and 1/2c apple sauce

Meal 1, 830am: leftover grilled salmon, bit of sweet potato, baby carrots, mayo

(slept 10 hours till 730pm. holy cow!)

wake-up snack coffee with cm, and handful of dry roasted pecan pieces.

Meal 2: spiced browned bison, sweet potato, arugula; cherries with coconut milk and cacao nibs.

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Day 25

I went grocery shopping! Feels oh-so-good to have a fridge full of food.

Meal 1: leftover bison with 3 eggs cooked in olive oil. sweet potato. coffee/cm.

Snack: strawberries and a few macadamia nuts (while shopping)

Meal 2: salmon cakes (from Practical Paleo) with fresh basil, green salad with carrots and avocado (dressing- aged balsamic vinegar and walnut oil), kimchi, sweet potato.

Gonna plant the rest of the garden tomorrow, and finish up my big project.

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Day 26

I have been sleeping so well, and so much- an embarrassing amount, in the last couple weeks. Woke up 10:30.

Meal 1, 11am: leftover salmon cake, heirloom tomato, mayo, dried nuts and fruits.

Meal 2, 4pm: leftover ground bison wrapped in romaine with avo and tomato, apple

Meal 3: 7:30pm: Seafood Medley (shrimp, calamari, mussels, bay scallops) with pesto (cilantro, evoo, and macadamia nuts, from Practical Paleo) over spaghetti squash, with sautéd kale, and mashed purple cauliflower.

It was a very colorful dinner.

Leftovers packed for work tomorrow. I'm gonna bake some beef bacon and make some mayo before bed tonight. Send thoughts of 'good emulsion,' everyone. Please. :rolleyes:

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Day 27 Yowza!

Slept poorly and too little :(.

Meal 1: 8:30am coffee with cm.

2 fried eggs in ghee with some leftover veggie mish-mash, 1 pc beef bacon, blob of mayo (came out well!), and a couple bites of kimchi.

Meal 2: 11am leftovers from dinner last night.

Meal 3: 2:15pm 2 HB eggs, handful raw almonds, a couple strawberries and some watermelon, packet of coconut butter.

All I want to is eat today. I'm guessing because I slept like crap and I'm tired. Plus there's sugar sugar everywhere.

Meal 4: 5:30pm salmon cake with romaine and carrots and mayo.

10pm mashed cauliflower and carrots.

Good night!

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Day 28

I have days 28, 29 and 30 off. Down time. School vacation. Heaven.

Need to (really) finish my project, clean, organize, garden, grocery shop.

Slept: 10 hours. I must have some adrenal fatigue issues happening; I feel like I could get right back in bed and sleep all day. Deciding whether I should figure this all out myself or see a doctor or naturopath, and if so, how to select one who knows what they're doing.

Meal 1: 11am (not optimal, I know, but it seems to be my habit, to sleep late and eat late. Because of my schedule (I got home from work at 10pm last night) I tend to be lenient with myself, but I wonder if I am doing more harm than good. Again, I think I need expert advice.

"BLT" with beef bacon, eggs and bacon on a pure wrap. I made enough for myself, but then my son wanted one, so I gave him half my food, and so heated up a small salmon cake for myself to complete the meal. Few bites of kimchi and a spoonful of coconut butter.

Meal 2: 2:30pm leftover pesto seafood and mashed cauli, a few brazil nuts, carrot sticks.

nap 3:30-5

Snack: 5:30pm small handful macadamia nuts. Too many damn nuts overall. But I keep buying 'em, don't I? So whose fault is it, hmmmm? Whose?

Meal 3: 8pm ghee-poached turnips, chicken breast cooked in the same pan & ghee, kale/mushroom saute in coconut oil with a bit of Red Boat fish sauce (yum).

I ordered the new Mary Roach book, "Gulp: adventures on the alimentary canal." I love her stuff and am psyched to read this one.

Also downloaded (a couple days ago) an iPhone symptom tracking app, "Symple." Be interesting to see what happens with reintroduction and other ongoing changes over time.

Costco tomorrow. And figure out what little critter is tearing up my garden :angry:.

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Day 29

Meal 1: 10am The last of the salmon cake, leftover kale, mushrooms, and turnips. I sat at the table. No screens, and ate slowly. Most delicious meal. Hmmm, I'll have to try that again sometime. ;)

Meal 2: 3pm Lunch out and a movie with my son. WhichWich lettuce wrap with roast beef, avocado, olives, and all sorts of veggies. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mayo :D). Or, from my son's perspective, "Bring Your Own Mom." :P

Meal 3: 9pm This was gonna be a 'wing it' night as I never did get to Costco as planned (Tomorrow, Frog. I'll do it tomorrow). Then, lo and behold, I found a hidden nest of TWENTY eggs. Those crazy girls. I did the float and slosh tests, and all but 2 were good (it stays pretty cool in our canyon). So, I'm hard boiling them and we're having EGG SALAD! The dog gets the 2 that are on the edge; I fried 'em up for him.

(update: egg salad with homemade mayo, carrots, basil, and parsley in a curry Pure Wrap, with on-the-side heirloom tomato, avocado, garlic-stuffed olives, artichoke hearts and hearts of palm drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar, and a bit of kimchi.)

Tomorrow (DAY 30 woot!) I am getting some labs drawn, lipids, thyroid, and I asked my doc to add on an A1c. Then I'l make an appt and ask about some other labs, just to narrow things down a bit.

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Why, thank you, Pea! :D

Day 30 today, yessiree.

Meal 1: 9:45am

I had fasting labs drawn first this morning, and brought a couple HB eggs and some mayo, and coffee with cm for afterwards.

Meal 2: 3:30pm

Unexpectedly away from home and busy till 2pm, stopped at Costco to stock up, and bought some dry roasted almonds and dried figs to munch on. Not a lunch per se, but it held me.

Meal 3: 6:30pm

Met up with friends for dinner at http://carnitassnackshack.com

Had beet terrine and sirloin tip tacos (minus the taco) with a pineapple chipotle salsa, and a bite of the carnitas (gonna get that next time, so good).

The beet terrine had goat cheese in it and so, voila, reintroduction has begun (I decided that would be the case when I looked at the menu earlier in the day. What's 12 hours?)

I also had one bite of butterscotch pot de creme (garnished with, among other things, bacon). Boy howdie! Sweet! I assume there was also sugar in the balsamic glaze on the beets.

Driving home, my head hurt and I felt gassy :rolleyes:. Just observing. No conclusions. I've never thought dairy to be a problem for me. I'll have some more tomorrow and pay attention.

I'll keep logging here through reintroduction, to keep the record cohesive. I didn't do a formal reintroduction after my 1st Whole30+ in January-February. But am ready for it, and excited to see how I respond!

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I do love goat cheese. My stomach is still ripped up from the junk food I had Saturday night (or maybe it is from something else but I can't figure out what). It is still bothering me and I've been super compliant (well maybe too many nuts).

What labs are you having done?

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Reintroduction Day 1

Rushed off to work, hit the ground running, brought all my food, and ate it in bits when I could.

I did have a milk in my coffee, babybel cheese mid-morning, and another splash of milk in a mid-day cup of coffee.

I don't think I'm having a problem with it.

I continue to be a bit gassy, but I think it's nuts, and I did have a cashew Larabar today. They rip up my gut, too, Helen. But I keep eating the damn things.

I didn't have yogurt or ice cream (ice cream, yea, that's what I need to start eating).

Home at 9:45pm, long, fabulous, hot shower, and 'dinner:' a chicken apple sausage, Bubbie's sauerkraut, tomatoes, pesto (compliant). Handful brazil nuts.


A1c 5.4 :)

TSH 0.35 (maybe need to decrease synthroid a smidge) :)


Chol 253 (up from 222) :(

Triiglycerides 64 (down from 75) :)

HDL 65 (up from 57) :)

LDL 175 (up from 150) :angry:

Chol/HDL 3.9 (no change)

:(:angry: WTF ???!!!

I'm thinking it's because I've worked out, like, 3 times in the last month. Pathetic.

So when my doc calls me to tell me to start Lipitor, I will ask her to order repeat lipids in... what? a month? 2 months?... and re-incorporate regular exercise.

Gonna bop around the site and look for cholesterol threads and posts.

Anyone reading this, any words of wisdom?

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