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I worked a lot last week because of sick calls. Someone was having kidney stone fun so I worked an extra night. Fortunately, the two nights I worked were both very manageable, with one lovely birth on each night, and even some sleep. Unfortunately, I *chose* to eat crap (candy and chocolate) and found myself quickly spiraling down into the sugar dragon's lair. I have to qualify the word *choice.* I think by the time I put it in my mouth, the choice has been largely stripped from me... the stage had already been set and the actual ingestion of the aforementioned food-like substance was the natural sequelae of previous, and true, (bad) choices.

Last week I introduced gluten/grains. On the 16th I had a ww bagel at lunch, boba in coffee in the afternoon, a rice paper wrapper and bread at dinner. That evening I got a MASSIVE headache. No more bread for a couple days. Then last night I had some pita with dinner, and woke this morning to another massive headache. I have to cautiously conclude an association, if not causation.

I had no problem with dairy. But I think legumes may cause this weird burning sensation on my skin, especially the thinner skin on the undersides of my arms and the inside of my thighs.

I did keep track of my symptom tracker app, if not here.

I also realize, once again, that I am not to be trusted to off-road it. Considering another W30. W100? Also seriously considering AIP because I have Hashimoto's hypothyroid, and though my TSH is normal, I have every symptom of autoimmune disease. It's just gonna take twice as much preparation as generic W30 and I don't know if I have it in me. This week is a staycation for me. Thank goodness. So it's actually a good time to get this going if I'm going to do it.

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I got an email from my doc suggesting I start Lipitor, but I haven't written back yet. I'll send her some links and decline. I'm not worried.

What was your LDL and trigs?

LDL was 110

Trigs 66

HDL 73

But overall was 196 which is just under the 200 level and higher than I've ever been. I feel okay about it.

Now I am dealing with the sugar and snack demon.

I am doing a Whole 7 starting tomorrow. That is all I can commit to right now but it is better than nothing.

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Helen, your numbers look good even from the standard medical broad view.

A Whole 7 sounds good!

It's a bitch rewiring decades of conditioned behavior, isn't it !? :blink:

I am back on a Whole whatever plan. Phew! Safe! Im on gools!

There's a part of me that deplores my neediness and clinginess to "the rules." But then I think, it is what it is, and it beats the alternative.

So cling I shall, until I don't need to anymore.

I have an empty house today until 3. I am going to finally and really finish my big project which should have been done, if not a few weeks ago, then definitely by last Friday.

Then I have a meeting re: some good and potentially "dream some true" stuff career-wise. Yippee!

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