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A little background... I am a dental hygienist. I see patients on the hour. Usually running behind. I work 8-4. but get to work around 7:30, up at 5:30am. I get NO scheduled lunch. If we have a few minutes we can snack at that time.. which is hardly ever.

Yesterday.. I managed to shove a handful of chopped carrots. I made a green smoothie that consisted of spinach, cucumber, broccoli, avocado, pineapple. I used a spoonful of the juice from the pineapple, water, and some almond milk with 1/2 protein powder.

All of this was wrong (no liquid meals, no protein, etc). I know that. But I thought it would get me through the day. I ended up basically chugging the drink because I had no time. By 5 o'clock, I was bloated. Woke up bloated this morning.

This is would be day 4 for me. Yesterday was my first day working on the whole30. Before that I would snack on veggies, almonds and fruit when I could, but would still be hungry throughout the day.

Any ideas on what to take? I can't sit down and eat a full meal. I have to make this work. With work and the whole30.

Would protein just be better.. taking pieces of chicken?

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I wouldget some kind of compartmentalized food container and do a weekly cookup where you bake up some meats, boil some eggs, wash and cut up veggies, make a sauce or dip. Stock your pantry with some nuts and dried fruit (if you can tolerate it). Then you can fill your container with some some of all of that and have your nibbles ready all day. Lettuce leaves are handy for pitting some meat, veg and sauce in and eating like a little taco- thats like 3 or 4 bites. The fruits and nuts are more back up- really the meat + veg + fat is what's gonna make you feel the best. Pack more than you think you need. And for goodness sakes, no more protein shakes- your stomach vetoed that by bloating up.

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What everyone has already said. The key to getting through a day without starving is to eat protein. Your schedule may make eating a meal challenging, but you should at least have boiled eggs, roast chicken, tuna salad ready to go when you have a few minutes.

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