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First Whole30 Complete - What Worked & Didn't Work


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I just finished my first Whole 30 yesterday. :)


I love the emails with a link you can click on if you succeeded in eating Whole30 for that day. If it wasn't for that, I would have surely had a Coke and/or a chocolate bar within the first 3 days.

I got to learn how to cook new recipes. If I wanted to add veggies to whatever meat recipe was in the "It Starts With Food", that is what I did. I am learning a new recipe every week. Some of that stuff is good!!

After 9 days, someone commented that my eyes and hair looked shinier.

I actually enjoy the food I eat now. Before, eating was more like an interruption in my day that I just wanted to hurry up and get it over with.

When I take a shower, not as much hair ends up in the drain stopper.

When I have PMS symptoms, I don't have the brain fog any more. I still get drained and really cold. However, I think the coconut milk, from the Morrocan chicken, might be helping my adrenals. Why? Well, I am not really cold all the time which is what used to be normal during PMS. Oh, and I don't get as drained as I used to.

If I manage to get through menstruation without horrible cramps, and can actually work a whole day easily, I am going to be one happy camper.

Oh, I lost about 5 lbs. I haven't weighed this since I was in high school. I am re-engaged in P90X after having the flu for 2 weeks and re-doing the easy week. So, I might put on some muscle weight.

P90X is a heck of a lot easier and I don't get as sore. The exercise regime I had to do on Day 30 was all pushups and band work (or pullup bars if you can do that). I was cranking out the pushups. I have never cranked out pushups like that before - ever!


I could have participated in the forums to get more ideas. I never spent much if any time in the forums during my Whole30.

Being very careful to read the labels of the food I was buying. After a week of buying Italian sausages, from Wegmans, I discovered they had sugar in them. Ack! Then, after buying shrimp, from the Wegmans seafood section, I discovered the shrimp had sugar on them. Then, the 2nd week I bought bacon from my butcher, I thought to ask if there was sugar in the bacon. There sure was!

It was rather frustrating thinking I was buying something totally healthy and that darn sugar was everywhere. Sheesh, it's as bad as gluten being everywhere. So, I will be buying more of my meats from the Wellness Meats site since I know they have breakfast meats that are sugar free.

I could have left the nuts out of my diet. I have Hashimoto's. I didn't get to the part, in "It Starts With Food" where they talk about eating for autoimmune disorders. I briefly read it and was HOPING that I read, incorrectly, that I wouldn't get to eat nuts.

I think I could have had more veggies. Since I stayed away from nightshades and foods that could, potentially, slow down the thyroid, it seemed the veggies I could eat was limited. The information, on the internet, about what is and isn't a nightshade was rather conflicting. So, I could have come here and started eating sweet potatoes while doing P90X. Probably would have cut down on hunger cravings.


Ask if meat products have sugar in it whether I go out to eat or get something from a store. If I am not sure, I will be ordering from Wellness Meats.

I am also going to be checking out the quality of coconut milk as not all coconut milk is created equal.

I am going to eat Whole whatever until my bloodwork later this month which means I have about another week. Then, I am going to be bad for a day or two and eat a gluten free pizza and some chocolate. After that, I am doing a Whole60.

In a couple of weeks, I get the results of my bloodwork. Maybe my thyroid is starting to return to normal.


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Thanks so much for this post! I too shop at Wegmans and would never think to check shrimp for sugar!!! I'm only on day 6 and have been checking the labels on some things, but I guess I'm really going to have to keep my eyes open. Sausage I know can have sugar, but shrimp?? Wow!

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