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My W30

Wynne Jones

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I did it! After several attempts, I made it through 30 whole days of eating just the good stuff. Here's the good news:

~ I'm sleeping like a baby

~ I'm no longer bloated

~ I lost 9 pounds

~ I no longer feel the need to eat like a 12 year old at a slumber party all the time

~ I feel like my life is balanced - I have a calmness and serenity that was lacking before

~ PMS = gone

~ I can go long stretches without needing to eat - prior to W30 I needed to snack all day or I'd get shaky

~ My achilles tendonitis/plantar fasciitis is GONE!! I can exercise again!

I used the 12 Steps, prayer, and meditation to help me get through this, as well as this terrific forum, the book It Starts With Food, and some cool websites. I really didn't think I'd be able to surrender the sugar, since it was the crutch I needed when I got sober, but I had the tools I needed to give it up and I feel so much better without it!

I am so very grateful to Dallas, Melissa, and all the moderators and participants on the forum for creating this program. Not everything was perfect for me - I still have some gastro issues to deal with, and my husband and kids are not yet on board - but overall this was a huge success.

The weirdest part? My W30 ended two days ago, but I haven't eaten anything off plan yet. Not even the Girl Scout cookies that got delivered yesterday! Not because I planned it that way - I'm just so pleased with the food I've been eating, I didn't want anything else. The me of a month ago would be floored by that! I'm sure I'll go off-roading when the time is right, and I'm thankful I know where to turn if my sugar addiction comes back to bite me.

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