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This is a weirdly specific problem, but it is what it is. :)

My energy levels are up since I started W30, and I've been able to do some biking around the extended neighborhood without gettig worn out (up to 8-10 mi RT), but I have noticed pretty consistently across the 6 weeks or so I have been doing this that I am really tired going up stairs. Specifically, my quads complain going up more than 1 flight of stairs. It's not fatigue from the biking, because it was happening before the bike trips, and it happens whether or not I've been riding (which has mostly been on Saturdays due to family obligations). I didn't think much of it until my wife told me she's having similar trouble.

Could there be some micronutrient we're both missing/shorting? Any other ideas? Thanks!


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I had a similar problem during a previous whole30. I wasn't exercising much at all. I joined a mushball team at work. Sprinting to the bases ruined me! My quads burned and felt like I had pulled the muscle... It was so bizarre. I also assumed it was some sort of nutrient deficiency, but found no answers.

Its been awhile since you posted; has anything changed?

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I go through something similar to this in the beginning of a Whole30, but it's usually just in the morning. I have to go down a flight of steps to take our dogs out and when I come back up, I feel fatigued -- especially my quads. I often have to say, "phew" when I get to the top. It's 12 steps! I exercise a bit, mainly walking with some running. It's a really weird thing! I was so surprised to see your post on this. I just thought my experience was another one of my quirks.

Anyone else?

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